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126KV Basic Electrical Components , High Voltage Electrical Isolator Switch

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126KV Basic Electrical Components , High Voltage Electrical Isolator Switch

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Product Description and Application


1. This isolating switch comprises three single poles and actuator. each single pole is made of a base, post insulator, operating insulator and conductive part. The conductive part includes the gear box and foldable conductive arm fied on the top of the post insulator,and the static
contact hanging on the overload bus;

2. The actuator drives the operating insulator, and through the four link lever-driven scissor-type conductive arm, lift and lower the insulator to tighten or separate the movable contact and static contact on the directly overhead bus line, to open or close the isolating switch. After the closing, a vertical insulating break will be formed.


Key Features:


1. Superior conductance system;


2. The conductive arm and gear box made of the Al-alloy of high conductivity are of light weight, high strength and good anti-corruption performance. The gear box is simultaneously used as the conductor, massively improving the radiating effect of the conduction system. Effective measures are adopted to optimize the uniformity of power distributed on two conductive arms, thus enhancing the conductive utilization of conduction materials and promoting the price/performance ratio of the product. The conductive arm and joint members are fied with welding, which is more fied, reliable and more conductive than taper pin-based connection. With this, the obstacles to operation such as water penetration and accumulation and even ice coating in the conduction tube can be avoided;


3. Contact forceps can cover a large area of rated contact. This product is in the double arm telescopic (scissor-type) structure. The forceps of the movable contact cover a large area of rated contact, particularly applicable to soft bus line, and also to hard bus line;


4. Closed gear box. The gear box of this product is covered and enclosed, with the conductive band, balancing spring and other driving elements laid out within the gear box to avoid the corrosion from rain, snow, dust, rust, and bird’s nests so that the product can operate reliably and maintenance cycle can be extended. The balancing spring is reasonably set and can adjust pulling force to optimize the balancing characteristics of the conductive knife switch, to ensure the operation friendliness and the isolating switch’s stability in the processes of opening and closing switch. The indication mark for the position of switch opening is set below the gear box.


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