High Efficiency 1300w Garden Electric Mowers Soil And Water Conservation Long Lifespan

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High Efficiency 1300w Garden Electric Mowers Soil And Water Conservation Long Lifespan

Country/Region china
Categories Optoelectronic Displays

Product Details

Introduction :

230V - 240V , 50Hz
input power1300W
No load speed2850 / min
Ctting capacity38cm
Cutting height25/40/55mm
Cutting position3
40L collection box
Induction motor ( AL winding )
CableH05VV-F 2 x 1.0mm2 with VDE plug, length : 35cm

Electric Lawn mower  RY-3033 is1300W,it can also be replaced withe other 

input power , because different input power , so the model will be different :


0ther modlelnput power
RY- 30301400W

The choice can be made according to the company and customer needs lnput power 




 1 . Keep hands and feet away from the rotating parts. Do not stand in the direction of the grass outlet to             avoid being hit by the blade .


 2 . Some accidental damage of electric lawn mower is caused by the operator holding the handrail of the            lawn mower and pressing it on the worker ' s feet when he falls . So remember to release the mower            handrail immediately when you fall down .


 3 . Do not operate the mower after drinking .


 4 . Can't be hung up before starting the gasoline engine.


 5 . The control handle of blade is one of the most important safety measures, which shall not be cancelled         when operating the lawn mower .


 6 . Do not use the mower on the wet grass. The slippery grass can easily cause damage to people .


 7 . Pay attention to using the engraving machine in a place with sufficient light .


 8. In the process of mowing , if the mower passes the gravel road , sidewalk or highway , should stop the          blade rotation, to avoid rubble flying out injuries .


9 . Abnormal vibration of electric lawn mower is often a sign of accident , which should be stopped                     immediately for inspection .


10 . When collecting the burnt straw bag in the box or removing the grass till , the blade must be fully                   stopped .

A .

Operate the mower correctly :


1 . Wear long-sleeved top and trousers, no loose clothing, safety helmet , goggles, earmuffs to avoid noise , non-slippery shoes, no slippers or bare feet .


2 . Do not operate in hot or cold climate for long periods of time , there should be appropriate rest time .


3 .Do not allow drunk , cold or sick people , children and people who are not familiar with the correct operation of the mower .


4 . Refuel the engine after it stops running and cools .


5 . Avoid oil overflow when refueling. If it is spilled, wipe it clean .


6 . The machine should be at least 1 meter away from the object before starting .


7 .A lawn mower must be used in a well-ventilated outdoor environment .


8 . Before each use must check whether the blade is sharp or worn, and whether the clutch screw is locked .


9 . As some machine motors have a loud sound , please avoid using them during the rest time , which may affect the rest of the staff in the attachment .


B .

Check before starting :


1 . Sharp blade must be replaced without abnormal blade .


2 . Make sure that others are not in the danger area before starting the engine .


3 . Grasp the operating lever when starting the engine to avoid losing control due to vibration .


4 . Before starting, make sure that the blade is far away from the ground and has no contact with other objects .


5 . Make sure to use the spare parts provided by the original manufacturer, especially the blade .


6 . Check whether the full cover is locked .


C .

matters needing attention for use of mower :


If there is abnormal vibration during operation , the engine must be stopped immediately .

The machine must be operated with two hands . One hand is not allowed .

The side of the muffler should be turned out to avoid burns .


D .

Method of mowing with a lawn mower .

Since the blade is left , the efficient working direction is from left to right .

The most efficient mowing is to make two - thirds of the blade diameter cut into weeds .


E .

Caution is required after operation .


1 . Wrap the blade after use to avoid accidental injury to others or yourself.


2 . Make sure the blade stops completely before cleaning and repairing .


3 . Remove the spark plug wire to avoid accidental fire .


4. Wait until the engine is completely cooled before storage .

Keep the machine in a cool, dry place and keep it out of children's contact .


6 . Lubricate the gear box every 25 hours or 3 1/2 days, and lubricate the inner and outer pipe .


7 . Clean muffler and drum every 100 hours or 15 days .


8 . Butter the blade when not in use for a long time to avoid rusting the blade .


9 . After use, the blade should be placed in the place beyond children's reach .



homework preparation:

1 . A series of checks and preparations must be made before the mower is placed on the ground . Stop the machine on the horizontal position, check whether the tire pressure is normal , timely aerate when t is nsufficient , check whether the cutting disc is running normally , check whether the cutter is intact , all transmission belts should be free of cracks , the pressure belt wheel should work effectively , otherwise, it should be replaced or adjusted in time .Put the clutch handle of the gearbox and the cutter in the separate position, the gear handle in the neutral position, the pressure belt wheel of the cutterloosen and put it in the walking position, put the throttle handle in the middle position , start the engine with a crank, slowly increase the throttle after starting , and push the clutch handle to the joint position .Then it is connected to the low speed gear , and the lawn mower starts to walk . When working close to the village, the lawn mower can walk to the destination by itself , because the speed of this lawn mower is relatively slow, and if the distance is relatively long , there should be a means of transport .


2 . When the mower comes to the working area, move the cutter pressure belt wheel to the working position . Adjust the cutter according to the stubble height requirement . Adjust the height of the cutter mainly by adjusting the position of the two screws.Tighten the connecting screw of the blade on the cutter plate and tighten the connecting screw on the protective cover.Put both clutches in separate positions , hang in neutral position, restart the engine , slowly increase the throttle , slowly connect the cutter clutch handle, the cutting disc begins to work , combine the gearbox clutch , and then connect to the low gear, and the mower begins to work .



Operation process of lawn mower :


1 . This small lawn mower is relatively simple to operate in the operation . First , the operation pa selection is relatively flexible , because the turning radius of the machine is small and there is no flexibility, because the turning radius of the machine is small and there is no walking dead Angle .Generally , the lawn mower is allowed . When the local surface is uneven and the forage density is high, choose the low speed gear; otherwise , choose the high speed gear . During the working process , the two clutch tensioning wheel handles are always in the joint position , because during the working process , when the engine is running at high speed , it is easy to damage the machine by joining or separating the tensioning wheel handles . Therefore, the operator does not need to move the two handles in the process of mowing . The operation process is relatively simple , and the driver only needs to hold the handle to control the walking route of the mower .


2 . During the operation, the terrain should be carefully observed at any time in front of the operation . In case of large pits and high hills , slow down and make a detour , otherwise the high-speed cutting knife will hit a lot of dust, which is not good for the operator and the machine . This machine is only suitable for slope work below 25 degrees . If the slope is too large, the lubricating oil cannot be lubricated to all the moving parts, and the engine will be damaged after long-time operation . When the machine is working, it should keep irrelevant personnel away from the lawn mower , and avoid the small stone that the cutter rolls to hurt others .

1 . High efficiency: generally, each mower can mow more than 8 x 667 m2 per day, and its efficiency is 16 times that of manual mowing .


2 . Good benefi t: due to the fast rotation speed of the mower , the cutting effect of orchard weeds is good, especially for weeds with high tenderness. In general, three times a year weeding , basically meet the requirements of weeding .


3 . Soil and water conservation: artificially use a hoe to hoe the grass. Because the surface soil is loosened at the same time, soil and water loss is often caused. The use of lawn mower, because only cut out the grass on the ground part, the soil surface has little impact, and the roots of soil cementation, is very beneficial to soil and water conservation .


4 . Increase fertility: use a lawn mower to cut the weeds until they reach a certain height. A large number of weeds can be cut to cover the orchard .

 Advantages :


 1 . High efficiency  .


 2 . Good benefit .


 3 . Soil and water conservation .


     Increase fertility .

     Scope of use: it is suitable for reeds, alfalfa, oaks and other weeds in fields of flat plains, hills, terraces ,        orchards, triangular lands , etc .




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