Durable Fiberglass Deck Grating , Rust Proof Car Wash Floor Plastic Walkway Mesh

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Durable Fiberglass Deck Grating , Rust Proof Car Wash Floor Plastic Walkway Mesh

Country/Region china
City & Province shijiazhuang hebei
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Product Details

GRP grating for car wash floor



FRP gratings are also available with vinylester or phenolic resin. All kinds of resin are self-extinguishing and UV-stabilized.




FRP gratings are produced by wet moulding and hot curing in a heated mould. The reinforcement consists of continuous fibreglass rovings in alternating layers, so the loads are distributed evenly in all directions.





Regularly moulded GRP gratings have a polyester resin matrix. Glass content is approximately 35%. Standard colours are green, yellow or grey, other colours are available according to RAL.


Advantages of FRP


1. Light weight:The density is about 1.8, a quarter of steel ,two-thirds of aluminum.

2. High strength:The strength of FRP is 10 times of PVC,for more strong than aluminum products,and reach the level of ordinary steel.The specific loading weight is according to the specification and size of the grating.

3. Corrosion resistance:no rust,resistance to acid, alkali, organic dissolvent and other gas and liquid mixture.It has predominant advantages in anti- corrosion field.

4. Anti-aging: More than 30 years effective service life under normal outdoor working condition.

5. Temperature Resistance:It can be used in the environment from -120℃ to 120℃.

6. Bear capacity:The bear capacity is according to the specification of the grating.

7. Fire resistance:The ASTME-84 of ordinary FRP is no more than 25;and the ASTME-84 of specifical FRP is no less than 10,and the GB8924 is no less than 28.

8. Security:It has excellent electrical insulation and can not be breakdown under 10 kv voltage;it has no electric-magnetic and can be used in the magnetic-sensitive equipment.

9. Excellent comprehensive economic benefits: Low cost in installment, little cost in maintenance. Overall economic benefits is 3 or 4 times better than carbon steel.

10. Comfortable:Moderate flexibility reduce the workers' pressure on legs and waist.

11. Attractive appearance &easy care: Alternative bright colors. Non-fading. Easy clean and self-cleaning appearance.


Common specification


HeightMeshStandard SizeKg/m 2Open AreaResin
25.4mm38.1mm×38.1mm1220mm×3660mm12.368%V,I, 0,P
30.0mm38.1mm×38.1mm1220mm×3660mm15.068%V,I, 0,P
38.1mm38.1mm×38.1mm1220mm×3660mm18.868%V,I, 0,P
50.8mm50.8mm×50.8mm1220mm×3660mm21.971%V,I, 0,P
30.0mm19.0×19.0/38.0×38.01220mm×3660mm20.030%V,I, 0,P
38.0mm19.0×19.0/38.0×38.01220mm×3660mm24.030%V,I, 0,P
Choose: 1. antiskid and concave; 2.Grit on upper surface; 3. the surface close and other size upon request .
Note"V" Vinyl resin I Isophthalic resin O Orthophthalic resin P Phenolic Resin







Q: Why to choose us? Any advantages?
A: The answer is Yes.
1) The most preferential price:Our offer will be reasonable, our price will be cheaper in the
same quality.
2) Customize: We can make the product as your request, specification,size and quality can meet
your request.
3) Mix order: We accept mix order, different specification and small quantity order.
4) Quality assurance:We have professional quality testing team.They will test the products before shipment.
5) After-sales service:Any question is welcome.

Q: Can I order one piece for sample to test the quality?
A: Yes, We recommend to check the sample before order.

Q: May I have your catalogue and price list for trial order in MOQ quantity?
A: All our products were shown on alibaba, please have a detailed looking and choose the interested products in our site.

Q: If I want cheaper quality, can you produce?
A: Yes, just send us your quality details, such as the material, what cheaper parts instead, etc, we will do that as your request and calculate the price.

Q: If I order big quantity, what's the good price?
A: Please send the details enquiry to us, such as the products specification,quantity and other requirements. We will make the most competitive quotation to you as soon as possible.

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