Round Optical Synthetic Sapphire Rod 1 - 200 Mm Length With White Color

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Round Optical Synthetic Sapphire Rod 1 - 200 Mm Length With White Color

Country/Region china
City & Province jiangsu
Categories Printing Machinery

Product Details

2inch C-plane sapphire ingot for led, dia 3inch 5inch  6inch Al2O3 single crystal block, 2inch 4inch 6inch sapphire plate for watch &optical lens,sapphire led ingot , sapphire  round optical rod 


1. Description For Sapphire

Sapphire is made from 99.999% Al2O3 and is one of the hardest materials, it possesses

very good transmission during the range ofvisible and near IR spectrum. so it is widely used

as optical window in infrared and far infrared military equipments, apparatus and instruments

of satellite and space technology, and navigation and spaceflight, such as night infrared scope

sight and night vision camera, etc.

The wavelength of worldhawk general windows substrate(without coating)


ZMKJ  we locate in the city of Shanghai, Which is the best city of China, and our factory is
founded in Wuxi city in 2014.We specialize in processing a varity of materials into wafers,
substrates and custiomized optical glass parts.components widely used in electronics,
optics, optoelectronics andmany other fields.
We also have been working closely with many domestic and oversea universities, research
institutions and companies, provide customized products and services for their R&D projects.

   About sapphire,so we can supply professional customized service in time and provide cooperation

and support of newproduct development and technology appliance.

2. Typical Applications

3. Specifications of Sapphire Ingot

diameter: dia1inch (25.4),2inch(50.8), 3inch (76.2)  dia4inch(100mm),dia5inch (125mm),

                  6inch (dia150mm),8inch (dia200mm) each ok!

MaterialMono-crystalline Sapphire (Al2O3)
Growth MethodKyropulos or other growth methods on agreement
Purity>= 99.996% (Ti content <=4 ppm)
 2inch diameter4inch and 5 inch 6inch diameter
OrientationC-plane(0001) ±0.1°C-plane(0001) ±0.1°
Primary Flat OrientationA-plane ±0.1°A-plane ±1°
Primary Flat Length (mm)16±1mm31mm,42.5±1mm,47.5±1mm
Secondary FlatOn requestOn request
Diameter (mm)50.8 ±0.1mmDia100mm or 125mm or 150±0.1mm,
Thickness (μm)>=50>=60
Surface Roughness Ra (μm)W20 carborundum grindW20 carborundum grind
Chips (flaws)nonenone

Crystal Defects (inclusions, twins, cracks, bubbles, scattering


TreatmentsHigh temperature annealedno crystal coloration

4. sample In Details

The XRD Test Date for Our Sapphire  Wafer



5.Shipment & package by plastic case box

6. Some Other materials optical which we also can provide

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