Shenzhen city Fuweite welder Co. Ltd. (16902409) - China qualified CP-101 CP-101 capacitor spot welding machine, SPW-A25K Seam welding machine supplier
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Shenzhen city Fuweite welder Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen city Fuweite welder Co. Ltd.

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Shenzhen city Fuweite welder Co. Ltd. (referred to as"Fuweite machine"), was founded in Taiwan in 1978Samsung, specialized in all kinds of metal weldingmachinery development, design, manufacturing of large scale welding equipment manufacturing enterprises, the introduction of Japan, Europe's most advanced weldingtechnology and production technology, many experienced welding technical talents, rich experience accumulation of thirty years, to design, the main products are spot welding machine, welding machine, precision DC spot welding machine, spot welding machine, spot welding machine,AC capacitor energy storage welding machine, electronicpulse type spot welder, micro computer precision spot welding machine, high frequency inverter spot welding,resistance welding machines, battery welder, thermalprotector special spot welding, solid capacitor spot welding machine and other welding equipment, for the electronic, solid capacitor, thermal protector, relay,hardware, jewelry processing, automobile industry plant etc. industry improve production speed and product quality are of great help, thirty years experience, and you would like to work together to solve the problem ofvarious welding.
We adopt Japan OMRON, SMC, FESTO, IXYS, NipponSteel in Germany, SEMIKRON such as the world's factoryto provide raw materials supporting, stable performance,reliable quality.
We are committed to research and development ofwelding process of different materials, welding technology to ensure customers in perfect.
The company has consistently adhered to "quality first,the user first, quality service, abide by the contract," the purpose, with a high-quality products, good reputation,quality service, the best-selling products over 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions andexported to Europe and the United States, Italy and other countries. We sincerely cooperate with domestic and foreign merchants win-win and common development,create brilliant!

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Company Name: Shenzhen city Fuweite welder Co. Ltd.
Country: China