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Nanjing jianhui composite material co.ltd

Nanjing jianhui composite material co.ltd

About Us

Nanjing jianhui composite material co.ltd.(JHFRP), specialized in themanufacturing of FRP pultrusion , is a worldwide supplier of FRP products. She has been the qualified supplier of some of the World Fortune 500 companies for a long term , With the rich experience, she could offer the optimum and more practical package solution program . Her research team can assist customers to convert product design ,tooling design and do some related testing work etc. The special manufacturing process and highly reliable quality management system can provide high quality FRP products to her customer. She holds the concept of continuous improvement and optimized management , gradually developing the processing technology and production efficiency to reduce the cost ,which enable her to satisfy the customers'requirements better at all sides.
JHFRP could supply constructed profiles and functional products for Electric industry ,Cold chain industry, Chemical Engineering ,Environment Safe project and Civil infrastructure project and so on .
JH company advantage
Package solution program
Competitive price
Small order for non-standard

Hot Products

Sea Anti-corrosion Project System Type: FRP Seawall Trait: Our FRP products attain EN13706e23...
Cold Chain Industry System Type: Refrigerator car part Trait: Our FRP product attain EN 13706e23...
Electric Industry System Type: GPO-3 Electric Insulation Part Trait: GPO-3 electric insulation part ...
Industry Anti-corrosion System Type: GPO-3 Electric Insulation part Trait: GPO-3 electric insulation ...
Construction Project System Type: FRP Construction Product Trait: Our FRP product attain EN13706...
FRP Standard profiles Type: FRP Round Tube Trait: FRP standard profiles attain EN13706e23;EN13501...

Company info

Company Name: Nanjing jianhui composite material co.ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.frp-jh.com/