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25~60 Mm Plastic Profile Production Line Plastic Trunking Equipment Easy Operation

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25~60 Mm Plastic Profile Production Line Plastic Trunking Equipment Easy Operation

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Product Details

25~60 mm PVC trunking extruder machine Plastic profile production line plastic trunking equipment




PVC Profile Extrusion Line is mainly used for production of window/door and multi-hollow threading pipe etc. It consists of a parallel or conical twin screw extruder, a vacuum forming table, a tractor, a cutter and stacker. PVC trunking is one kind of PVC profiles.



PVC Trunking is the ideal system for unobtrusive cable management designed to cope with the rigours of the factory and office.

Specialized specification of parallel or conical twin screw extruder for related profile section needs.

Optional extruder’s output range: 150kg/h-450kg/h.

Tractor carries some our unique technologies such like the lift/down system. The pulling force is strong and very stable.

The vacuum forming table is adopted large vortex cooling system for proper profile forming requirement.

There are 4m, 6m, 8m and 11m length vacuum forming table for options.


Machine configuration

Mixing system
1.Screw feeder1 set
2.Mixing unit1 set
Production system
3.Screw feeder1 set
4.Conical Twin-screw Extruder1 set
5.Mould1 set
6.Calibration Table1 set
7.Haul-off1 set
8.Cutter1 set
9.Stacker1 set
Recycling system
10.Crusher1 set
11.Milling machine1 set
12.Water chiller1 set


Manufactured to the highest standards of precision from high impact PVC in white finish and designed for rapid installation.
Electrical stock trunking lengths and a full range of compatible accessories in standard section sizes.

1. High quality: Several patents, advanced design, all-around service, independent re

earch team, and abundant experience in PVC profile. Use frequency conversion for speed regulation

2. Has super-taper twin-screw extruder with temperature controlling instrument in the screw core

3. Low energy consumption: our production line, compared with counterparts in China, can save up to 50% energy cost.

4. The rigid gear surface of the reducer can be operated continuously for a long
time without trouble

5. Long life time: Screws and machine barrels are made of high-quality materials and specially processed. The working life is up to 15,000 hours.

6. Can produce steel plastic profiles by changing the profilemold, combines with one set of steel liner conveying devices

7. Advanced control system: The production process can (be assured) rely on PLC control system and Omron sensors. Operation and mold changing are smooth and steady

8. Famous international accessories: Siemens, Omron, ABB, etc.

9. Wide usage of raw materials: PP, PE, PVC, ABB, etc. Various wood powder and/or plant fiber.

10. Excellent mixing ratio: Up to 70 percent of wood powder could be added, under the control of some special formulas .


PVC profile machine simple description

Product sizecustomized
MaterialPVC powder+ additives
Production line speed0.5-4m/min
Max. output150-240kg/h
Overall dimensions25m×2.5m×3m (L×W×H)
Total installed power120kw
Actual energy consumption power80kw
Gas consumption0.4m3/min
Air pressure0.6mpa
Water circulating device0.5m3/min
Electric condition380V/3P/50Hz
Water supplyWater used for industry, no impurities, by filtrating, water pressure: 0.4mpa water temperature14~25°C
Work environment temperature0-40°C


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