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Customized Color PVC Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Machine 630mm Big Diameter

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Customized Color PVC Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Machine 630mm Big Diameter

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Product Details

630mm Big Diameter PE Solid Wall Pipe Making Machine / PE Pipe Extrusion Line


This Large diameter HDPE/MDPE fuel gas/water supply pipe machine is mainly used for producing large diameter HDPE/MDPE pipe. The pipe has some excellent features such as heating resistant, aging resistant, high mechanical strength, environmental stress cracks resistant, good creep resistant, etc. It is a preferred gas conduit for ductwork systems between city and its suburb, water supply in city.


PE Water and Gas Plastic Pipe Production Line/pe plastic pipe production line/plastic pipe aking machine is mainly designed specially for polylefin, polythylene pipe processing and suitable for PE PP PB PPR pipe high-speed extrusion.It adopts rugged compact reducer,shielding type separation screw,slot barrel,basket type extrusion die etc,which ensure the users can make high quality plastic pipe.

Process flow

Raw material + additive → mixing → vacuum feeding machine → hopper dryer → single screw extruder → color code extruder → mould and calibrator → vacuum forming machine → cooling tank → haul off machine → cutting machine → discharging rack

Main Technical Parameter:


pe pipe machine features:

High efficiency extruder is designed for HDPE pipe, equipped with reducer which is high speed and low noise, feeding section with cooling unit and reversing spiral groove, different pitch undulant screw which allows great output, lower melting temperature, and lower energy consumption.

Constituent of the pe pipe machine

1, Distributed spiral composite extrusion die-head ensures the melting pressure and flux even and stable, the surface of pipe smooth and glossy.

2, Vacuum calibration and spray water cooling tank made of stainless steel ensures precise calibration and fast cooling.

3, Adopts multi claws haul-off unit, speed adjusted by frequency inverter.

4, Equipped with planetary cutter. Be able to cut large diameter and thick wall pipe.

5, Equipped with pipe-making line.

6, Small diameter use winding machine. Large dimaeter pipe used stacker;


Main technical parameter of 630mm Big Diameter PE Solid Wall Pipe Making Machine / PE Pipe Extrusion Line:

Pipe diameter16-63mm20-110mm50-160mm75-250mm110-315mm200-450mm315-630mm400-800mm
Max output150kg/h200kg/h300kg/h350kg/h400kg/h500kg/h850kg/h850kg/h
Extrusion speed1-15m/min1.2-12m/min0.6-8m/min0.5-4m/min0.4-3.7m/min0.3-3m/min0.2-2m/min0.1-1 m/min
Extruder modelSJ-65/30SJ-65/33SJ-75/33SJ-75/33SJ-75/33SJ-90/33SJ-120/33SJ-120/33
Installed power85kw110kw125kw180kw260kw325kw480kw600kw
Center height1000mm1000mm1000mm1000mm1100mm1100mm1200mm1300mm
Line length35m38m38m40m42m52 m60m68m


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