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Polygon (Beijing) Energy Technology Co., Ltd

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It is a pleasure for us to have opportunity to introduce Polygon(Beijing) Energy Technology Co., Ltd to you. We are the first

company to produce intelligent valves for LPG cylinders / bottles with ISO 9001:2008 certificate in the world at present.


Our purpose is:

A. To help gas company Tracking & Monitoring each one of cylinders by advanced RFID technology.
B. To help gas company Monopolize local LPG market alone.

C. To protect end user's life & property safety.


We have developed a kind of Patent intelligent valve for LPG cylinders (suit for 8 KG, 10KG,

12KG, 14KG, 15 KG, 22KG, 45KG, 50KG cylinders etc), which have 5 SPECIAL functions as following:


1. Prohibit cross refilling gas into cylinders by other gas companies except owner, which can help gas
company MONOPOLIZED local gas market alone. Your competitors can not filling gas into your cylinders anymore.
It can help gas company to increase their profits over 50% more than last year.
2. Gathering, Writing, reading real time data into each RFID chip of valve body at each process such as:
Which worker? filling how much KG gas? into which number cylinder? on which filling machine? at what time?
Which gas delivery man? sent which number cylinder? to which end user? through which road? taken how many time?
take back empty cylinders at what time? etc.
To help gas company realize informatization management their cylinders and set up your owned big database.
It can Monitoring & Tracking each one of cylinder.
3. To help gas company to control their end users & cylinder NOT lose to other gas company anymore.
4. The intelligent filling head can alarm automatically while filling cylinders expired safety checking date.
It can prevent explosion accident in advance to protect end user's life & property.
5. Prohibit disassembly valve from cylinder by any others gas companies except owner.
It is guarantee owner's cylinder will not lose to competitors anymore and save owner's investment for new cylinders.
While intelligent valve installed on cylinder, that cylinder become intelligent cylinder immediately.
Each cylinder has a sole number.

Hence we have supplied over 300 gas companies like you around the world, who have received great benefits after used our items.

They have MONOPOLIZED local gas market and pressure competitors within local gas market successfully.


We are invite you to be our Agent / distributor in local market.

There is no competitors around the world, which will bring high level profits than normal items.


If you are interesting about our items, please feel free to contact with us.



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Company Name: Polygon (Beijing) Energy Technology Co., Ltd
Country: china