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Rexroth GFB high speed slewing drive planetary gearbox

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Rexroth GFB high speed slewing drive planetary gearbox

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Bonny Hydrauic slewing drive planetary gearbox manufacturer

Our high speed hydraulci slewing drives consists of valve block with brake fuction,hydraulic mtoor,brake,multi-stage planetary gearbox.it features high working pressure,good stability,compact design,light weight,easy installation and maintenance.

It can bear hydraulic and external load impact.the output gear shaft can directly drive the ring gear on the slewing platform drives in construction vehicles,crawler excavator,aerial plaat forms,tracked vehicles and so on it'sis an ideal driving component for truck crane, crawler crane, ship crane and excavator, and other wheeling equipments. The structure is quite compact, especially suits those space-critical equipment. Meanwhile, different motor connectors and dimensions are available on request. It is an ideal replacement of Rexroth products.they are not only popular in Chinese market,but also exported to Singapore,India,Korea,Australia and other countries in the world.

Compact two-, three- or four-stage planetary gearboxes
Cageless planetary gear bearing
Robust main bearing
Optimized seals
Integr. multi-disc parking brake
Optional for mounting Rexroth fixed or variable motors (A2FM/E, A6VM/E, A10VM/E)
Interchangeable with Rexroth on performance and dimension.
More than 80% components can be interchanged with those of Rexroth (planet gear, Cageless planetary gear bearing, planet carrier, ring gear and so on).

Main model:

GFB17T, GFB26T, GFB36T, GFB40T, GFB50T, GFB60T, GFB60T, GFB80T, GFB110T Rexroth hydraulic swing motor

Product desciption
1.GFB series slew gearbox are the ideal driving components for wheeled or crawler excavator, rotary drill rigs, crawler cranes and vehicle cranes, marine cranes and other mobile equipment.
They are replaceable with GFB series slewing / swing drive of Rexroth. (GFB 17 to GFB 110. )
2. Their installation dimension and technical performance are similar to equivalent products of Rexroth, Brevini, O&K and Bonfiglioli.
3. The gearbox can be fitted with a constant or varibale displacement hydraulic motor.
4. A multi-disc parking brake fitted on the input end of the gearbox is available on customer’s request.

For more information,please contact with Ms.Frances

Cell 008618758373076

oth GFT planetary gearboxesTorque output Tmax(NM)RatioHydraulic motorWeight without motor (approx.)
GFB17T2B261700026.4A6VE55 A2FE45 A2FE56.63
GFB17T2B321700032.1A6VE55 A2FE63 A2FE56
GFB17T2B371700037.6A6VE55 A2FE45 A2FE56.63
GFB17T3B781700077.9A6VE28 A2FE28100
GFB17T3B881700088.2A6VE55 A2FE56105
GFB17T3B10317000102.6A2FE45 A6VE55105
GFB24T3B902400090.1A6VE55 A2FE63105
GFB24T3B10324000102.6A2FE56 A2FE63110
GFB24T3B12024000120.5A6VE55 A2FE56110
GFB24T3B13724000137.2A6VE55 A2FE56 A2FE63110
GFB36T3B673600066.9A6VE55 A2FE45.56.63165
GFB36T3B793600079.3A6VE55 A2FE45.56.63165
GFB36T3B993600099.1A6VE55 A2FE45.56.63165
GFB36T3B11536000115A6VE80 A2FE80 A2FE90170
GFB36T3B13936000138.8A6VE80 A2FE80 A2FE90170
GFB40T2B364000035.9A6VE80.107 A2FE80.90205
GFB40T2B414000041A6VE107 A2FE107.125205
GFB40T2B484000048.3A6VE107 A6VE160210
GFB40T2B594000059.1A6VE107 A6VE160215
GFB50T3B665000066.3A6VE80.107 A2FE80.90220
GFB50T3B745000073.9A6VE55 A2FE45.56.63220
GFB50T3B845000084.2A6VE80.107 A2FE80.90220
GFB50T3B1005000099.8A6VE80 A6VE107220
GFB50T3B12550000125.7A6VE80.107 A2FE80.90220
GFB50T3B14650000146.4A6VE80.107 A2FE80.90220
GFB60T3B956000094.8A6VE80.107 A2FE80.90230
GFB60T3B10660000105.5A6VE80.107 A2FE80.90240
GFB60T3B11960000119.8A6VE80.107 A2FE80.90240
GFB60T3B13960000139.9A6VE80.107 A2FE107.125240
GFB60T3B17060000169.9A6VE80.107 A2FE107.125240
GFB80T3B998000099A6VE107.160 A2FE107.125370
GFB80T3B12680000126.9A6VE107.160 A2FE160.180350
GFB80T3B14980000149.9A6VE107 A6VE160 A2FE125405
GFB80T3B18580000185.4A6VE107 A6VE160 A2FE160405
GFB110T3B9611000095.8A6VE107.160 A2FE160.180395
GFB110T3B115110000114.8A6VE107 A6VE160 A2FE125395
GFB110T3B128110000128.6A6VE107 A6VE160 A2FE125410
GFB110T3B147110000147.2A2FE107 A2FE125 A2FE160410
GFB110T3B174110000173.9A2FE125 A2FE160 A2FE180505
GFB110T3B215110000215A6VE107 A6VE160 A2FE125505
GFB160T3B162160000161.8A6VE107 A6VE160660
GFB160T3B210160000210.8A2FE125 A2FE160 A2FE180680
GFB160T3B251160000251A6VE107 A6VE160 A2FE160680
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