Screw Connection Forklift Traction Battery 72V 1550Ah / 5hrs Lower Distilled Water Consumption

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Screw Connection Forklift Traction Battery 72V 1550Ah / 5hrs Lower Distilled Water Consumption

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Product Details

Screw Connection Forklift Traction Battery 72V 1550Ah / 5hrs Lower Distilled Water Consumption



TypeForklift Traction Battery
Model72V 1550Ah/5hrs
Rated Capacity1550Ah
StandardDIN Standard
ApplicationElectric Forklift Truck
Optional ToolsArgitation system and Automatic watering system


Product Catalogs --- DIN standard
Traction Battery for Forklifts -- DIN Standard

5hrs Capacity


Overall Dimension





Cell Volt


7PzS385385137x198x339x39017.42 or 42
8PzS440440155x198x339x39019.72 or 42



Product Strength


1. High quality flooded lead acid battery

2. High performance tubular positive plates

3. >= 1500 times cycle life.

4. Meet IEC 60254 standard.

5. CE,ISO9001 and ISO14001.

6. Automatic watering syste and Argitation system.

7. Larger and thicker plate means less internal corrosion
8. Lower distilled water consumption
9. Environmental and healthy
10. Nice design and good quality
11. Easy to use and durable
12. Low current recharge
13. Competitive price
14. Wooden case packaging



Forklift/Traction battery’s daily operation


 1. Daily check 


1). Electrolyte level:Check the acid level every week(need to fill distilled water or deionized water every 3 days if battery working in the high temperature).If the electrolyte’s level is too low, it might cause battery plate destroyed and shorten battery’s service life and etc problem. The methods of checking level: Open the vent cap,if the electrolyte is lower the top of vent cap, it means electrolyte level is over-lower and need to fill distilled water or deionized water, if electrolyte is parallel or higher than the vent cap,it is the proper position)

2). Connector, connecting wires and cap: Must check if there is any corrosion between connector pole’s joining and leading wires, also check if the cap had the transmutative situation or over-heat problem.

3). Appearance:battery’s exteriordirty would cause creepag, must keep battery’s surface to be clear and dry.


2. Maintenance:

1). Fill water:fill distilled water or deionized water according to electrolyte level, don’t fill too much distilled water in order to delay filling time, too much distilled water would cause lower specific gravity, electrolyte would spill over,and this situation would corrode metal box and cables, and effect battery’s service life and creepag.
2). Chaging:There is gas when charging, so need to keep ventilative environment, and no naked light. And the oxygen and acidic gas by charging would affect around environment. There would have electric arc when pull out the charging plug, please cut off the charger’s switch and then pull out the plug. There are much hydrogen after finish the charge, naked light is not allowed.

3). Equalizing charge:battery should need a equalizing charge every month(meanssmall charging current but long time charge), in order to keep battery’s capacity and long service life.

4). Connector,leading wire,cap’s maintenance: must be operated by the professional engineer.

5). Clean:battery should keep surface to be clean, if surface has the dirty things would cause short circuit, also cause terminal and connectors to be corroded. Please use wet cloth to clean battery in order to avoid static electricity.If there is no leakage hole at the bottom of metal box, pleas avoid using water to clean the battery, in order there are too much water to corrode metal box, if there is leakage hole at the bottom of metal box, you can use water to clean the battery.


3. Storage:

1). Storage location:do not make battery short circuit;there would cause short circuit after the rain, must keep the battery in the open air and shady location.
2). Used batter:used battery still have capacity, please keep the battery as per storage method.

4. Electrolyte’s operation

1). Check density:use inhale densimeterto check density, do not spill electrolyte out from the battery, and make sure wear the protective cloth.

2). Other operation: Should refer to professional engineer, especially when fill the electrolyte

3). Electrolyte’s leakage:urgent handle is needed when battery’s turn over or destroy happens.




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