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CE approved best Korealab imported laser arm 1064nm 532nm q switch nd yag laser

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CE approved best Korealab imported laser arm 1064nm 532nm q switch nd yag laser

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CE approved best Korealab imported laser arm 1064nm 532nm q switch nd yag laser



Nd Yag laser technical specifications


Laser typeElectro-optic ND YAG Q-switch Laser
Wavelength1064nm, 532nm
Laser output methodPulse electro-optic adjusting Q
Pulse Duration8ns±2ns
Pulse energy1500mj (1064nm), 800mj (532nm)
Spot diameter2-10mm adjustable
Guiding beam armSeven-joints articulated arm
Pulse rate1-10Hz
Aiming beam650nm red diode laser
Input voltageAC220v, AC110v
Cooling systemClosed-off Water cooling+wind cooling
Input power1300W
Net weight85kg

Nd Yag Laser Machine Advantage and detail


1. Hight frequency 1-10Hz, more faster treatment.


2. Big spot size can be adjusted 2-10mm.


3. 650nm led beam point.


4. Top hat electric adjustable Q, easy to control.


5. High energy 1500mj with Q-optic 8ns±2ns output.


6. Korea original 7 joints Arm.


7. 12 inch Touch Screen.


8.1064nm 532nm 1320nm for Pigment lesions ,vascular lesions




Nd Yag Laser treatment principle


Q-switching Laser is a technique by which a Laser machine delivers very short pulses (8ns) at very high peak power (hundreds of Mega W) granting the most efficient photoacoustic effect, with no thermal interaction with tissues.As a result, the unwanted pigments of the skin are fragmented in small particles that are expelled through phagocytosis.





1064 nm and 532 nm laser wavelengths are absorbed by natural chromophores in tattoo ink. They are indicated for tattoo removal.The 1064nm is suggested for dark blue and black ink and the 532nm is suggested for red, orange, yellow, and purple ink .




Light pulses target melanin at variable depth on or in the skin for Pigmented lesions.

Can be used to remove brown age spots (solar lentigines), freckles, naevus of Ota, naevus of Ito, mongolian spots, Hori naevus and café-au-lait-macules.



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With more than 12 years of production experience, Beijing Forimi Technology Co., Ltd. is a company based on optical laser and medical aesthetic equipment. Factory covers an area of 2200㎡, professional R & D, production lines, designers, programmers and English after-sales service team. The quality of our machines is strictly ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards. Our goal is to provide high-quality products and the most advanced technology, unique design, powerful features and timely service.



Forimi derives from Chinese name "Fulimei", which means that we offer beauty and health to all the people who love life and beauty. We hope that our equipment could bring customers a fashionalble and beautiful lifestyle.


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Quality is our culture. We have cooperated with some famous European companies like Insora Medizintechnik Gmbh, Spain RN Aesthetic, Portugal Beyoutiful Lda, Italy M & S technology ...... Customized unique pattern, logo, procedure ......




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