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Address: No.88 Shanhu Road,Hai'an economic development zone,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province,China

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China Forging Mahinery Co.,Ltd

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China Forging Machinery Co., Ltd is a comprehensive industrial company integrating equipment research, development and manufacture, integrated mold and process services and EPC turnkey contracting. Upholding the concept that "Advocating craftsman spirit, be pragmatic, pursuing of excellence". CFM strives to provide best products and service for customers continuously.


Our products and service can be divided into three categories, forging machinery, fabricating machinery and piling machinery. The first category forging machinery, include CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer, follow-up control fully hydraulic free die forging hammer, high energy clutch-operated screw press, hot die forging mechanical press, automatic forging roll ,cross wedge roll, auxiliary forging machines , automatic forging lines, die and forging process. The second category fabricating machinery, include high speed servo-driven hydraulic press, rolling machine for ship, upper roller universal rolling machines, horizontal lower adjusting rolling machine, four roller rolling machine, rolling machines for autos, steel pipe rolling line, leveler and automatic sheet metal forming lines. The third category piling machinery, include off-shore hydraulic piling hammer, on-shore hydraulic piling hammer and hydraulic rapid impact compaction.


Our factory occupies 56,000 square meters, with nearly 20,000 square meters full steel frame workshop. Assembly workshop maximum lifting capability is 120 tons. The metalworking workshop has large CNC and digital display metal cutting machines with maximum machining size of 4X12 meters. We have been awarded ISO9001 certificate and CE certificate.

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Company Name: China Forging Mahinery Co.,Ltd
City: nantong
Province: jiangsu
Country: china
Address: No.88 Shanhu Road,Hai'an economic development zone,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province,China