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99% Purity Organic Ascorbic Acid Powder , Bulk Supplements Ascorbic Acid Multiple Ingredients

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99% Purity Organic Ascorbic Acid Powder , Bulk Supplements Ascorbic Acid Multiple Ingredients

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Product Details

99% Purity Organic Ascorbic Acid Powder , Bulk Supplements Ascorbic Acid Multiple Ingredients

The NaOH titration method was used to determine the enzyme activity in the products.
Enzyme Unit defined(U/SU): One unit (U) was defined as the amount of enzyme need to released one micro mole fatty acid from the olive oil in one minute at 40 oC, pH 7.0.
This product was produced by GRAS grad Aspergillus niger strain, which fermented in submerged medium.

  • Food grade, GRAS, high security;
  • High activity 100,000 U-300,000 U/g;
  • Thermal stable, and broad pH range adaptability;
  • Green, and simplified process for baking.

     Lipase (triacylglycerol hydrolase) is the enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of fats (lipids) to glycerol and free fatty acids. Lipases are a subclass of the esterases. Lipases perform essential roles in the digestion, transport and processing of dietary lipids (e.g. triglycerides, fats, oils). Our lipase product could breaks down the oil in the wheat powder to improve the flavor of the baking.
Our lipases are widely employed to catalyze hydrolysis, alcoholysis, esterification, interesterification, and transesterification etc. Their characteristics could catalyze a heterogeneous reaction at the interface of water soluble and water insoluble systems. Our lipases are used as flavor and aroma constituents in the food industry, for the hydrolysis of milk fat in the dairy industry, to remove non-cellulosic impurities from raw cotton before further processing into dyed and finished products, and to remove subcutaneous fat in the leather industry.
【Quick Details】

Classification:Food Auxiliary AgentOther Names:Triacylglycerol hydrolase
CAS No.:9001-62-1EINECS No.:232-619-9
pH Value:4.0-10.0Temperature:30-60° C
Appearance:White to light yellow powderPurity:99%
Enzyme activity:>100,000 U/g—300,000 U/gUse dosage:0.03-0.05 %
Usage:Food auxiliary agent for baking.

Packaging &

Packaging Details: Standard package containers are 25 kg plastic barrels/drum. We can change package specifications according to customer's requirement.
Delivery Time: within 10 days after confirming order.


  • Appearance:White to light yellow powder;
  • pH: The effective pH range of this enzyme is between 4.0-9.0, the optimum pH range is between 5.0-7.5;
  • Temperature: The suitable temperature range for Deterzyme is between 20-65 oC, the optimum temperature range is between 40-50 oC.

Characteristics and Content of the Components

TypesCharacteristics and contentTypesCharacteristics and content
Color:Light yellowOdor:None
Accessories:Soluble dextrineSubsidiary coloring matters:None
Loss on drying (%)12.5Specific gravity (g/cm3)~0.80
Flash point (oC):357Arsenic (ppm) :0.8
Lead (ppm):0.2PAHs total:None detectible
Mercury (ppm):0.02Benzene:None detectible
Cadmium (ppm)0.2Total Phthalate:None detectible
Salmonella:None detectibleAflatoxinB1 (ppb):5
Coliform bacteria(/100g):None detectibleNumber of molds(/g)20

    The activity of invertase was 100, 000 U/g—300,000 U/g.
    (*High activity product is available upon request of our customers.)
    Package: 25 kg/bag or 25 kg/drum for solid product.
    Storage: we recommend to store the product under the environment with temperature <25oC, humidity <50%, and its better the temperature within 4oC-10oC.We recommended you use up the enzymes in 5 months under <25oC conditions, and 10 month under 4oC-10oC conditions.

  • For using in the baking, there about 0.03-0.05% of the wheat flour amount of our lipase product was added in the wheat flour (0.3 g—0.5 g lipase/per kg flour), and keep the dough at room temperature or at cool-room for several minutes to hours. You can see the dough becoming white and flavoring.
  • For using in the feed, there about 0.01-0.05% of the feed mixture amount of our lipase product was added into the feed mixture (0.3 g—0.5 g lipase/per kg feed), and then used for the following process.
  • For the liquid sample, such as the flavor improvement, we also recommend about 0.01-0.05% amount of lipase was added into the mixture.

    Appearance :white power
    Safety data: pH 4.0-10.0
    Melting point: no data available.
    Boiling point: no data available.
    Flash point: no data available
    Ignition temperature :no data available.
    Lower explosion limit :no data available.
    Upper explosion limit: no data available.
    Water solubility :soluble.
    No toxic odors and flammability;
    Acute toxicity: no
    Product observes all federal, state, and local environmental regulations.
   Contaminated packaging : Dispose of as unused product.
    Keep transport clean, dry, ventilated, prevent sun, rain, moisture,mix transportation and storage with toxic and harmful and volatile odors items without mix transportation and storage with toxic and harmful and volatile odors items.
    Comply with GB1886.174-2016<<national food safety standards enzymes for food industry >>
    The information contained herein is based on the present state of our knowledge. It characterizes the product with regard to the appropriate safety precautions.It does not represent a guarantee for the product.

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