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Continuous Automatic Low Pressure Foam Machine with Siemens Motor and Inverter

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Continuous Automatic Low Pressure Foam Machine with Siemens Motor and Inverter

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Continuous Automatic Low Pressure Foam Machine with Siemens Motor and Inverter


 Main Usage of polyurethane foam machine:

This equipment is mainly suitable for the density range of 8-70kg/m3
soft polyurethane foam production, can produce a variety of furniture sponge, electronics foam and so on. The foam is adapted to all kinds of cotton, mattress, sofa, the packaging, the clothing and the automotive industry.
The features of the machine.

The device is suitable for the production of hard/soft polyurethane foam with 6-100 KG/M3 density , which is used in the fields of furniture,bra,shoes,electronice,packaging,clothing,aviation,transportation,industrial and civil building heat preservation and energy-saving.The production line has automatic computer to control,PLC operating system with high degree of automation and low production costs,it is the ideal equipment for large enterprises.


Foaming width980mm~2250mm
Foaming heightUnder 1200mm
Foaming density8kg/m3~100kg/m3
Foaming speed2000rpm~7000rpm

(1) The whole machine parts specifications:

1. Foaming control Platform(standard)          L3m×W2.52m×H0.7m
2. Oven declining board (standard)           L9m×W0.98m~2.30m
3. Oven side links(standard)            L18m×W2.3m×H1.2m
4. Oven machine frame(standard)          L18m ×W4m×H3m
5. Oven inner conveyer line (standard)        L18m×W2.3m×H0.83m
6. Foam block cutter machine (standard)       W2.3m×H1.30m(saw/knife with cross type )

7. R.S. Pulling system with plastic       one set
(2) Main technique specification

1. Total length 33m× width 4m×height 3m
2. Foaming material Group: 13 groups, man-machine interface, automatically computer control
3. Foaming width 980mm~2250mm
4. Foaming height Max 1300mm
5. Foaming density 8Kg/m³~100Kg/m³
6. Foaming speed 2000r/min~7000r/min
7. Max total output 300KG/min


MotorGuangdong brand
PumpViking pump & Chinese pump
InvertorSiemens brand
TemperatureControl system



1).Fall Plate : L7000mm,Up/Down&Width can be adjustable by Electric Control (Taiwan AC Speed Drive and SIEMENS Motor).

2).Side Wall:L18000mm, Width can be adjustable by Electric Control (Taiwan AC Speed Drive and SIEMENS Motor).

3).Conveyor line: L18000mm,Electric Control (Taiwan AC Speed Drive and SIEMENS Motor).

4).Dry oven:L18000mm. Installed lighting with explosion protection.

5).Walkway: L18000mm.It’s length same as Side wall.

6). Exhaust Fan System: 3sets, 2.2kw, Exhaust passage is 18m with powerful made in China.

7). Feed foaming adopt Trough Type*1set

size:W2000mm*D300mm)or Sprayer Type*1set.

8). Side Paper Feed & Rewind System:1Set

Remark:The above only for reference. All the data is subjected to sold products.

Packing & shiping

How is the packing of the machine?
The entire machine will be nude packing. Some of the parts will be pack in wooden case. Others will be simple pack with paper or foam sheet with plastic film.
How many container will be needed for the whole set of machine?
Total three containers is enough 2*40HQ+1*20GP. In order to save the place and the cost of delivery we will also put some parts that inside the raw material tank.
We will try the best way to pack all the machine well and also save the freight cost.
Our Services
We will help to design the layout of the machine that put in your factory.
We will send 2-4 experience engineers to install and testing the machines.
We will teach your engineer how to operate the machine and how to maintain the machines.
We will give you the machine operation manual and the best formulation for target products that you are going to make.


Q: How many days for the install and testing of the machine?
A: After all the machine in your factory we will send 1-2 engineer help to install the machine you must send someone to help about 30 days installation will finished. After that one electrician and one foaming engineer will come to connecting the cable and run the machine in 15days. Total 45days the machine can be running.
Q: For the cost of the engineer how much I need to pay?
A: You need to pay USD50 one day for one engineer and also need to pay for the visa fee turn-round ticket fee and food hotel.
Q:What kind of raw material tools we need to prepare for the testing?
A: We will send you a list for the tools that you need to prepare for testing and also can help to buy if you required.
Q: After the machine testing if we need some engineer to stay in our factory can you help to find?
A: Sure we can help to hire one experience engineer to work in your factory but you need to discuss the salary and all details with him.
Q:During the foaming if we have some problems abt the foam and the machine how can we do?
A: You can just call our after sale manager explain for the situation or send some picture we will help to handle within 24hours.




You are warmly welcome come and visit our factory.


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