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Fm200 Gas Cylinder Hfc-227Ea Extinguishing System Gas Sprinkler System

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Fm200 Gas Cylinder Hfc-227Ea Extinguishing System Gas Sprinkler System

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Fm200 Gas Cylinder Hfc-227Ea Extinguishing System Gas Sprinkler System





No.specificationTechnical Parameter
1Filling pressure4.2Mpa5.6Mpa
2Scale of Protective region for one zonearea:max single-zone is 800m2 volume:max single-zone is 3600m3
3Spraying time≤10s
4Filling density≤950kg/m3≤1080kg/m3
6Nitrogen Pressure of Driving Device6.0±1.0Mpa(20℃)
7Condition of reserving room for containertemperature: -10~50℃, relative humidity: ≤97%
8max working pressure5.3Mpa8.0Mpa
9min working pressure4.2Mpa4.6Mpa




    Fm200(htc-227ea) is a kind of colorless and tasteless and non-corrosive and electricity-insulating gas without residue and pollution after extinguishing. And ODP of it is zero. It is a friendly-environment gas to be used for extinguishing. Also, because of such feature, it can be used in special place where electrical fire is easy to happen.


    Management of Multiple zones is also in the safe control of the whole system. We can use one system to protect multiple zones through selective valves. It can let the whole system alternative aiming at different protective zone. Agent can be discharged into where the fire happens. It will be very efficient to put out fire in short time. One thing that need to mention, is that a little room should be prepare to be as storage space for the whole system.




    Electronic computer room, a data processing center, telecommunications facilities, process control, industrial equipment, library, museum and art gallery, clean room, anechoic chamber, emergency power facilities, flammable liquid storage area, etc.


    The place where the fire is easy to happen, like paint-spraying production line, aging-electrical equipment, rolling machine, printing machine, oil switch, oil immersed transformer, melt impregnating tank, tank, large generators, drying equipment, cement production process of pulverized coal, and the ship's engine room, cargo hold, etc.




    HFC 227 Fire Extinguishing System piped with 150L containers is mainly composed by three parts. Extinguishing devices and pipe fittings and electrical accessories.


1. Mechanical parts: cylinder with container valve, frame for cylinder group, driving cylinder, frame for driving device, high pressure hose etc. It is mainly used for storing fm200 agent.


2. Electrical parts: smoke detector, heat detector, bell etc.


3. Pipe fittings: conduit, connector, elbow, flange etc.


    These integrated three parts will be efficient to detect and supervise and alarm and extinguish fire automatically.


    Here attached below is complete composition of whole system,



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