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Flying Up International Co.,Ltd

Flying Up International Co.,Ltd

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Flying Up International Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading inflatable boats manufacturers in China.The products have formed Sports Boats,Dinghy and Fishing Boats,River Boats,Kayak Boats,Water Sleds,Outboard motor and Yacht seven serials and more than 50 specifications.   
    Flying Up International Co.,Ltd. are constantly striving to ensure that the products meet international quality standards,up to dated design as well as the requirements set forth from the customers.Our emphasis on customer satisfaction,quality assurance and technological innovation has set us apart from our competitors.
+ We have researched and developed sport boats, Fishing boats, Kayak etc 12 models about 40 sizes inflatable boats which you will find all of them in the following pages.
+ The team come up with a staff of more than 120 employees from the initial and the product capacity is about 1200PCS per month.

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Company Name: Flying Up International Co.,Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.flyingup.com.tw/