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Chengdu Jinjia Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

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Specializing in the fluted/corrugated plastic sheets and relevant packaging products, Chengdu Jinjia Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is the manufacturing plant with more than 12 years’ experience in this industry.


The panorama of the factory of fluted plastic sheets

The factory is located in the Chengdu Cross-strait Science and Technology Industrial Development Park, Chengdu City which is the capital city of Sichuan province, China. With the construction area of 10,095 m2 , the plant has plenty space well equipped two extruding production lines for fluted plastic sheets, one complete production line for the plastic divider sheet (plastic layer pad ), and one complete productions line for the corrugated plastic boxes. The 40 High Cube container can be driven into our workshop directly to load the corrugated plastic sheets/ boxes into the containers.   

        workshop and production lines of fluted plastic sheet factory

With the creed of Customer Satisfaction Comes First, our plant has been earning the clients' trust both internationally and domestically. An East European customer bought one 40 HC container of corrugated plastic sheets for construction in 2016, and he imports 5 40HC containers from our factory per year now. The picture below is this customer who visited our factory in 2017 when he was satisfied by the quality of the first order to us.

buyer visit the fluted plastic sheet factory

For the domestic market, by offering accurate and reliable products, we have firm relations with some famous company such as Foxconn company, which is the manufacturer of iPhone and iPad of Apple company, for providing ESD containers, the Langju Group, The Blue Sword bear group for making the plastic divider sheets for bottles transportation, and the Nongfu Spring company for the corrugated plastic box. 


Our corrugated plastic sheets and boxes are totally customizable. Please tell us your requirements, and we will offer our precise and qualified products to help you to enhance your competitive advantage in your market.

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Company Name: Chengdu Jinjia Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
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