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Land / Sea Dynamically Tuned Gyro , High Accuracy Gyroscope Wide Dynamic Range

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Address: i City, No11, TangYan South road, Yanta District, Xi'an,Shaanxi,China.

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Xi'an Kacise Optronics Co.,Ltd.

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Land / Sea Dynamically Tuned Gyro , High Accuracy Gyroscope Wide Dynamic Range

Country/Region china
City & Province Shaanxi
Categories Sensors

Product Details

High Accuracy Dynamic Tuned Gyroscope For Land, Sea, Aviation, Space-flight Transporter



  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • Wide dynamic range
  • High reliability

KTG-58 has been used for water surface, land strap-down system, fast true-north seeking, television antenna tracker, and widely used in spaceflight strap-down inertial system. The gyroscope also can be used for land, sea, aviation, space-flight transporter, strap-down platform attitude system.


PowerPower(3 Phase)10&205V & Hz
 Power(1 Phase)7&8000V & Hz
performanceRandom Drift≤0.01°/h
 Drift stability≤0.3°/h
 Max tracking Rate≥100°/S
 Non-G-Sensitive Drift≤15°/h/g
 G-Sensitive Drift≤8°/h/g
 Band Width≥70Hz
 Torquer Scale Factor≥680°/h/mA
technologicalSync rate6015r/min
 Sync Time≤10S
 Output gradient7~10mV/`
 Primary torquer19±3Ω
 secondary torque2±0.5Ω






Products should be installed to ensure that X (Y) axis and the measurement reference axis coincides, installation error should be less than 5 '.


  • Only products matching the appropriate power and locked loop circuit board in order to work properly, need circuit board, please explain in advance.
  • When the product under normal use, you should turn on the power to start the motor, about 20s, and then the on-lock loop, so that the products in closed loop state; shutdown, disconnect locked loop so that the product is in the open-loop operation, and then disconnect power supply.
  • Product energized, shut down in 40s, should avoid shaking the product, the installation process should be light, light up, the product non-collision, percussion.
  • Product in the use of the process is strictly prohibited to pull the plug.
  • Product in the use of the process, can`t short circuit between external power supply.
  • Abnormality occurs during use, should immediately turn off the power, fault isolation, if the product internal fault, the customer shall promptly notify my company, my company organized by the repair.




Socket (J30J-15T) definition


Connector definition


 The socket type:J30J-15T (cable length160~175mm)

Pin No.Function definitionRemark
1Signal output of X-axis 
2GNDFor Excitation power and signals
3X-axis torque coil(the end) 
4A phase motor driver powerThere-phase 10V, 205Hz
5Sensor excitation power supplySingal-phase7V,8KHz
6Signal output of Y-axis 
7Y-axis torque coil(the beginning) 
8B phase motor driver powerThere-phase 10V, 205Hz
9DC+15VPower for Preamplifier
10DC-15VPower for Preamplifier
11X-axis torque coil(the beginning) 
14C phase motor driver powerThere-phase 10V, 205Hz
15Y-axis torque coil(The end) 

NOTE: The same applies to J30J-21T, if use other socket, please explain in advance.


Company profile


Xi'an Kacise Optronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China, is a professional engaged in instrumentation and sensors, R & D, production, sales as one of professional high-tech enterprises, we have our own production workshop and central laboratory. Factory building area is about 3000 square meters, with production of more than 30 employees, 8 engineer, 6 inspectors, 10 sale man, 5 for customer service, is this industry, we are one of the strong technology manufacturers with varieties specification.

When the company set up, we began to focus on the coordination of military supplies production, achieved GB/T19001-2008/ISQ9001:2008, GJB 9001B-2009 certification. When our company is running mature and stable, in 2008, we began to develop our business. Based on the production of military products quality control, we developed a lot of sensor products, such as a pressure sensor / transducer / sensor, level transmitter / ultrasonic level meter / ultrasonic flow meter, inertial navigation products, IMU, gyroscope, accelerometer etc.

We have the key technology and development center of advanced sensors, and we cooperation with Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an Jiao Tong University and other colleges and universities.

Product quality is the life of enterprise, customer demand is our existence!

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