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Customized Ride On Floor Cleaner / Industrial Ride On Cleaning Machines

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Customized Ride On Floor Cleaner / Industrial Ride On Cleaning Machines

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Product Details

Customized Ride On Floor Cleaner / Industrial Ride On Cleaning Machines


Ride On Floor Cleaner Introduction:


1. Suitable for large-scale maintenance of a variety of ground cleaning.


2. Compact, strong power, high efficiency, economical and practical.


3. Very suitable for cleaning large scale, irregularly shaped venue. 36V motor system and ensures high consumption.


4. This section intelligent automatic dry washing machine is an indispensable ideal electric machinery for ground cleaning.


5. Driving relaxed, flexible operation, dual brush plate design, high efficiency, the machine went spotless cleaning, floor cracks can suck sewage clean, dry scrubbing off the ground, no residual traces of water.


6. Dirty water, mud, sand sucked all the sewage tank, especially after the oil spill on the floor washing machine, clean as new, the less artificial.


Ride On Floor Cleaner Features

  1. 180L recovery tank capacity, in the 850 level model, once added water can work longer, and the work efficiency is higher.
  2. The reliable power management system ensures that the battery group works in a safe state, not only has low voltage alarm, but also closes the system to ensure the safety of the battery.
  3. Brush and suction motor have current and temperature protection, which can avoid possible faults and effectively improve the service life of the motor.
  4. The steel arc squeegee +LINATEX high quality rubber, so that the suction effect of the machine can be more reliable compared with the brand machine.
  5. Automatic lifting brush system + clear water outlet linkage control, automatic control with machine walking, without complex operation, "one button button" is completed.
  6. One D9 can have 3 Mini ride on floor scrubber efficiency, which can bring more space for owners.
  7. One charge can work for >4 hours to meet the basic cleaning requirements.
  8. 1100 squeegee,it can effectively complete the scraping water absorption work of the machine, and can effectively pass the general elevator even if the squeegee is not removed.
  9. American LINATEX rubber,shows perfect water-scraping performance and wear-resisting characteristics. Good steel and toughness are longer than ordinary rubber , and the effect is better;
  10. The machine is equipped with a 24V/200AH battery pack, which can work for >4 hours on a single charge;

Ride On Floor Cleaner​ Parameter


modelCustomized Ride On Floor Cleaner / Industrial Ride On Cleaning Machines
brush dia(mm)910(2*457)(18'*2)
solutio tank(L)150
brush driving modeRear wheel differential drive
brush motor(w)500*2
traction motor(w)750
installed power24v
addtional pressure for brush-
dirty water level sensoryes
solution level checking hoseyes
on board chargeoptional
squeegee width(mm)1100
recovery tank(L)180
brush speed(rpm)150
suction motor(w)550
driving systemdriving
battery(max)(v/ah)6V*4 200AH 3HR
one key controlyes
driving speed adjust-
electromagetic valve deviceoptional
Packing Dimension(mm)1780*1060*1600


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2. We will be more than happy to give you reply within 12 hours if you have any questions and requests.




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