Li Ion Battery Safety Nail Penetration Test Equipment 150kg - 200kg

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Li Ion Battery Safety Nail Penetration Test Equipment 150kg - 200kg

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150kg-200kg Li-ion Battery Safety Performacne Nail Penetration Test Equipment



The machine use for testing the safety performance through the nail Penetration test. After testing, the battery should not catch fire,smoke or explode. It is also an essential testing device for every battery manufacturer and Research Institute.


1.The wire enclosed with metal fire-proof cover, which is available to prevent the flame during testing process.

2.Lighting system is designed to observe the internal testing process; The inner box materials are resistance combustible materials.

3. Nail Penetration force controllable within range from 250N to 13KN ,meet different standards.

4.The time can be set, the precision is higher, and the maximum force can be displayed directly.

5. Be equipped with the exhaust air vent (it is convenient for customers to discharge the odor produced in the battery test to the outside of the laboratory).

6.Control system employs independent control cabinet & separated with the test chamber with a distance 1-2 meter, which can reduce the noise and improve safety and Easy operation.

7. Double-layer explosion-proof glass window and explosion-proof chamber.


Product ModelYYE-047
Force Range1~20KN(13KN standard)Adjustable, customized)
Tester ArchitectureFree Stand & Vertical Nail Penetration
Power Supply380V/50HZ 10A
Unit conversionKg/N/Lb
Penetrating speed10~ 40mm/s(adjustable)
Penetrating speed Accuracy≤±1%
Penetrating Travel300mm
Test spaceW300 X D300 X H200mm
High Temp. Resistant Steel NeedlesDiameter φ3mm~φ8mm
Maximum penetration force150~200KG
Nail-penetrate MethodVertical
Observation window size200 X 200mm(10mm thickness Double layer explosion-proof glass)
Overall DimensionW780 X D630 X H1280mm
Exhaust fanDiameter 120mm (Back side of the chamber is equipped with an exhaust fan)
LightingThe top of the chamber is equipped with a light lamp
Total Power4KW
ControllerPLC automatic control, the man-machine interface presupposes various
working modes, and the operationis simple and convenient.
(Touch Screen optional)
Penetrating Time Maintaining0~99 Hours 99 Minutes & 99 seconds, time can be controllable to control
the deformation and stop if test fulfilled.
Driven MethodHydraulic/Cylinder
Auxiliary FunctionExplosion-proof Pressure Release System, Exhaust System,
fire-extinguish device
StuctureInner chamber: stainless steel plate
Outside of chamber: cold rolled plate with painting
Wheels: There are 4 Movable universal wheels in the bottom of chamber
Door: double layer door, flat handle, explosion-proof glass window.
Machine WeightEstimate 120kg
Working environmentAllowed working environment:0 ~ 35ºC
Performance assurance environment:5 ~ 28ºC
The space between the equipment and the wall and the surroundings
must ≥ 1500mm.
Using suggestionPlacing the equipment close to the window will be convenient to discharge
the odor produced in the test outside.
Do not put flammable and explosive things around the equipment.
 Equipment and related accessories should be maintained regularly
Customized serviceWelcome to Non-standard,Specail requirements,OEM/ODM orders.



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