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Xi’an FineSky Technological Co.,Ltd.

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Address: Room 502, Building A, Huajing Plaza, No.20 Fenghuinanlu Rd., Hi-Tech Development Zone,Xi'an, China

Phone: 86-29-88897831

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Xi’an FineSky Technological Co.,Ltd.

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Finesky is a professional plant extract,herbal extract,botanical extract,pure natural plant extract,polysaccharide extract,plant-distilled-matter manufacturer,except that,we can also supply other plant extract,including hops extract,artichoke extract,green tea extract,milk thistle extract,epimedium extract,St.John's wort extract,grape seeds extract,soybean extract,yohimbe bark extract,common cnidium extract,matrine extract,olive leaf extract,goji extract,goji dried fruit,green coffee bean extract,coenzyme Q10,pomegranate extract,kudzu extract,tribulus terrestris extract,hawthorn extract,angelica extract,dandelion extract,garlic extract,ginseng extract,echinacea purpurea extract,white willow extract,red clover extract,polygonum cuspidatum extract,pine bark extract,raspberry extract,etc.

Xi’an FineSky Technological Co.,Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer dedicated to the research and development of natural products which is a market oriented, technology-driven high-tech enterprise. The company devotes to the commercialization of natural products. We definitely offer high quality natural organic products and technical services for health care, health food and cosmetics industries.

Xi'an FineSky Technological Co.,Ltd., established in Jan.,2011, believe the strength of nature and focus on natural innovation plant ingredients. We specializes in manufacturing and exporting plant extract and natural ingredients which is used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic industry. 
FineSky shows strong production ability and could supply many kinds of plant extract.Our products have been exported to many countries in the world.We have excellent R&D Capabilities,Strict quality control system and experienced team.We believe we have the capability to supply premier products .
FineSky will build the human nutrition,health ,beauty and high-quality life with our clients.We will supply continoually exceptional scientific, regulatory, technical and marketing support .
We will provide
1 Continuable raw material
2 Strong R&D ability 
3 Scale production and good facilities under GMP condition
4 Effective quality-control system.


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Company info

Company Name: Xi’an FineSky Technological Co.,Ltd.
City: Xi'an
Province: Shaanxi
Address: Room 502, Building A, Huajing Plaza, No.20 Fenghuinanlu Rd., Hi-Tech Development Zone,Xi'an, China