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Raised Expanded Metal Diamond Hole With 1.22*2.44m, 1m*2m Panel Size

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Raised Expanded Metal Diamond Hole With 1.22*2.44m, 1m*2m Panel Size

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Product Details

Rised Expanded Metal Mesh

Raised Mesh (Raised expanded metal) is supplied in the condition in which it is produced on the machine where the individual strands are set at an angle to the plane of the sheet. Raised mesh is typically stronger and more robust than an equivalent flattened mesh due to the structural strength gained from the mesh bonds and strands being set at an angle. Open area / visibility through raised mesh is variable depending on the angle at which the mesh is installed / used. Raised mesh also provides excellent grip when used as a decking material fixed on top of timber boards or if a suitably heavy duty mesh is selected, it can be used as an effective anti-slip deck for vehicle ramps where dirt and water can easily fall through the mesh.


Expanded metal is manufactured by slitting and stretching (expanding) the metal sheet with a die creating diamond shaped holes in one step. The connecting metal strands are called bonds that are lie on top of each other creating a raised effect. The “raised” expanded is put through a level roller flattening the metal also causing the bonds to lie next to each other. Raised expanded metals are also called “regular” or “standard” expanded metal.



Stainless Steel:201, 202, 205, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321
Steel: Q195, Q215, Q235
Copper: red copper plate (C10200, C11000), brass plate(CuZn40, CuZn37, CuZn35, CuZn30, CuZn20, CuZn5)
Aluminum: pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate(1050, 5052, 5056)
Nickel: N2, N4, N6, nickel alloy 2080, monel 400, monel 600

Note: SS304, SS316 is the most common material.


Surface Treatment: hot-dipped, electrol galvanized, pvc-coated.


Standard Expanded Metal is directly slit and stretched by punching machines without other processing,The strand width and bond come in with an angle with the plate surface. This kind structure increase the strength and hardness of expanded metal,it also brings better anti-slipping and reinforcing performance.




1) Outstanding corrosion resistance

Our expanded metal is ideal for applications involving industrial acids, for the electroplating of baskets and in seawater for fish cages and lobster pots.

When suitably coated, expanded metal mesh, due to the absence of joins and welding seams, offers better performance than woven and welded mesh.


2) Premium reinforcement properties

Expanded metal works as a barrier for the purposes of security and storage.

Our Securilath products impede illegal access through walls and partitions whilst simultaneously strengthening the resilience of the protected area.


3) Anti-skid surface

The knuckles formed by expanding mesh offer secure grip when deployed for steps, ramps and walkways.

We have also developed a range of specific slip-resistant walkway meshes.



Racks and trays
Drying trays
Grain dryers
Machine guards
Screens and filters
Dipping/degreasing baskets
Grain dryers
Patio furniture
Fan guards
Trailer ramps
Flatbed truck decking
Stair treads
Intake grilles



Raised Expanded Metal
Mesh PitchMesh PitchStrand Width(mm)Strand Thickness(mm)

Sheet Size


Material Type
LW (mm)SW (mm) x 1000Mild Steel
5.843.50.790.61250 x 1250Mild Steel
10.245.641.550.91250 x 1250Mild Steel
19.057.431.70.91250 x 2500Mild Steel x 1250Mild Steel
25.412.71.271.21250 x 1250Mild Steel
25.413.530.91250 x 2500Mild Steel
28.589.521.981.21250 x 2500Mild Steel
30.4811.722.361.62440 x 1220Mild Steel
30.4811.721.981.62440 x 1220Mild Steel
38.116.933.081.62440 x 1220Mild Steel
38.116.482.251.62440 x 1220Mild Steel
50.822.583.8932440 x 1220Mild Steel
50.822.583.1232440 x 1220Mild Steel & H D Galv
50.822.582.522.52440 x 1220Mild Steel
50.822.583.051.62440 x 1220Mild Steel
76.233.873.5832440 x 1220Mild Steel
85.7340.643.1832440 x 1220Mild Steel
101.650.85.0332440 x 1220Mild Steel
101.650.83.3532440 x 1220Mild Steel
121.9231.283.532440 x 1220Mild Steel
5.843.50.790.61250 x 1250Pre-Galv
5.843.50.790.61250 x 2500Pre-Galv
10.245.640.790.61250 x 1250Pre-Galv x 1250Pre-Galv x 1250Pre-Galv
25.412.71.271.21250 x 1250Pre-Galv
3011.11.830.91250 x 700Pre-Galv
50.8232.50.61250 x 2440Pre-Galv
5.843.50.790.51250 x 1250Aluminium
5.843.50.790.51250 x 2500Aluminium
5.843.50.790.51250 x 3000Aluminium
10.245.641.171.21250 x 1250Aluminium
10.245.641.550.91250 x 1250Aluminium
10.245.641.550.91250 x 2500Aluminium
19.0512.71.11.21250 x 2500Aluminium
19.057.431.70.91250 x 2500Aluminium x 1250Aluminium
25.411.671.271.21250 x 1250Aluminium
30.4811.722.361.21250 x 2500Aluminium
50.822.583.1232500 x 1250Aluminium
5.843.390.80.51250 x 1250Stainless 304 x 2000Stainless 304
38.116.481.911.22500 x 1250Stainless 304
50.823.442.651.22500 x 1250Stainless 304

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