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Non Itchy Fireproof Document Bag Cash Pouch 11"x15"x2" Orange Fire Resistant

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Non Itchy Fireproof Document Bag Cash Pouch 11"x15"x2" Orange Fire Resistant

Country/Region china
City & Province jiaxing zhejiang
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Product Details

Non Itchy Fireproof Document Bag Cash Pouch 11"x15"x2" Orange Fire Resistant


Fireproof bag is made of fire resistant material and it is for cash&documents fire safety protection. This fire resistant, heat insulation envelope is expandable, 11x15x2 inches, orange color with white logo printing on the bag surface. This expanded design allows enough space for inside document heat insuation. It is able to protect A4 size papers from carbonization. And it protects your cash, cetificate and passport. Its material is fiberglass fabric coated with orange silicone compounds. The surface silicone coating can resist -67℉ to 500℉ continuously. When heat is more than 500℉, there may be black marks on the surface coating. But basic fiberglass fabrics is still protecting your document from fire damage. Fiber glass fabric is able to withstand heat up to 1020°F. Melting poing of this cloth is up to 1523℉.


With orange silicone coating on the surface and soft inner lining, glass fibers will fall off and stick into skins. This fiberglass bag is totally non itchy, non irritating. And customers won't feel hurt and crazy itchy on hands after using fiberglass cloth made bags. In order to solve this problem, Unionfull's bag is made of coated fiberglass fabric / laminated glass cloth. Customers won't touch the fiber glass directly, won't feel any uncomfortable after using.




Outside MaterialSilicone Coated Fiberglass Fabic
Inside MaterialPolyester Fabric
Open WithFire Retardant Hook And Loop, Zipper
Bag Size11"x15"x2"
ColorOrange + Grey Inner Lining
Work Temp.Fiberglass Cloth: below 1022℉
Silicone Coating below 500℉
ApplicationFire Resistant Cash Box
Heavy Duty Fiberglass Fabric
Retardant Thread
Fireproof Bag / Bank File / Important Document Holder
Retardant Envelope Heat Protection


  • Don't need gloves, no irritating. Silicone coated fiberglass fabric. Avoid the splinters and irritation that comes with other uncoated fiberglass fireproof envelopes. Unionfull use a silicone coated fiberglass cloth to provide fire protection without the irritation you get from other bags.
  • Fire retardant velcro, zipper closure. Easy to use, flap provide better sealing
  • 11x15x2 inches when completely expanded, suitable for A4 papers document. No problems to store legal sized documents, folders, cash, jewelry, guns, photos and any other valuables. 
  • Placed inside a fireproof safe as an extra layer of protection. By itself however, it still gives you a few minutes of open flame exposure to grab it and get out.
  • Safe materials. Fiberglass fabric is eco-friendly materials. It can be recycled.
  • Great construction, durable
  • Chemical resistant materials, anti moisture






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