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Electrical Insulation Red Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric Cloth 530 gsm

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Electrical Insulation Red Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric Cloth 530 gsm

Country/Region china
City & Province jiaxing zhejiang
Categories Fiberglass Cloth

Product Details

530gsm Electrical Insulation Red Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric Cloth

This red silicone coated fiber glass fabric is produced of glass fiber cloth and then coated with 100g/m2 red silicone/rubber coating on one side. The basic fiberglass fabric can withstand a high temperature below 550℃. But the rubber/silicone coating is capable of withstand temperature below 260 degree Celsius.
Silicone coated fiberglass fabric is a very flexible, tear resistant and heat resistant material. It is made from fireproof e-glass fiberglass cloth with features,
 such as structure stability, durability and high tensile strength. And because of the silicone coating's properties, this coated fiberglass cloth are always used to produce industrial thermal insulation products such as fire blankets, fire curtains, expansion joints, jacketed vessel/pipeline/valve thermal insulation covers and fire fighting equipments.

Yarn type of this silicone coated  fabric is e-glass G37 1/0 0.7Z fiberglass yarn.
Total weight of this 3732 fiberglass fabric is 530g/m2. 430g/m2+100g/m2 coating on one sides. 100cm, 127cm, 155cm is very common and convenient width we produce. (more economical price and less lead time)


Technical Data Of 3732 Fabric
StyleWeaveThread CountThicknessWeightWidth

20 Ends/CM

11 Ends/CM



Specification Of UPSE-8732S100:
ItemSilicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric
MaterialE-glass Fiber Glass 
WeaveSatin Weave
Warp Density20 Ends/CM
Weft Density11 Ends/CM
Mass Per Unit530g/m2(430+100)
Width100cm, 127cm, 155cm
Working Temperature

Silicone Coating below 260℃



  • Good temperature resistance (-70degree to 280degree).
  • Soft and smooth surface, and sewable.
  • Good performance of corrosion resistance, oilproof and waterproof.
  • Be able to resist heat and climate ageing.
  • Thermal insulation, permittivity 3 to 3.2, breakdown voltage 20 to 50 kv/mm.




  • Air duct
  • Fabric expansion joints
  • Fireproof curtain & blanket
  • Welding blanket & habitat
  • Removable insulation cover & blanket
  • Other fire-control systems





Other Information:


Unionfulll's silicone coated fiber glass fabric takes high temperature, high strength and corrosion resistance fiberglass fabric as basic fabric, and then coated by silicone rubber after the special process.

Silicone fiberglass fabric is a kind of high performance and multifunction composite materials, it's widely used in Aerospace, Chemical, Petroleum, Large Power Generation Equipment, Machinery, Metallurgy, Electrical Insulation, Building, Transportation and other fields.


Unionfull customizes single side and double sides silicone fiberglass fabric with different coating weight and different colors. We always focus on providing good silicone fabric for every customer.

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