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Carrier Grade Single Mode Optical Fiber Patch Cord SC To LC Duplex Fiber Jumper

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Carrier Grade Single Mode Optical Fiber Patch Cord SC To LC Duplex Fiber Jumper

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FAPC-SPLPS2 , Carrier Grade Single Mode Optical Fiber Patch Cord SC To LC Duplex Fiber Jumper


Performance of optical fiber patch cord, first of all optical performance, in addition also need to consider interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength, temperature and the mating times.

(1) Optical performance: Insertion loss and return loss are two basic parameters of optical fiber optic patch cord. Insertion loss is loss of connection, refers to the loss of the effective optical power of the link caused by the introduction of the connector. Insertion loss should be as small as possible, the general requirement should not be greater than 0.5dB. Return Loss refers to the suppress ability of the patch cord to the optical power reflection of the link, and its typical value should be no less than 25dB (MM). As for fiber patch cord in practical applications, the surface of the ferule has been polished by special polishing machine and it made greater return loss, generally not less than 45dB.

(2) Interchangeability and repeatability: optical fiber optic jumper is a universal passive device, of as for same type fiber optic patch lead, they can generally be used in any combination, and can be used repeatedly, so the additional loss are generally less than 0.2dB.

(3) Tensile strength: for a finished fiber patch cord, generally required tensile strength should not be less than 90N.

(4) Working temperature: General requirements, the optical fiber patch cord must be used normally in -40℃ ~ +70℃ temperature range .

(5) Mating times: the current use of fiber optic jumper can generally plug and unplug more than 1000 times.


Main Parameters Of FAPC-SPLPS2 Fiber Patch Cord


Part NumberFAPC-SPLPS2
Fiber TypeSingle mode 9/125um
Cable Type2.0mm Duplex Zipcord
Fiber ConnectorSC/UPC , LC/UPC
End Face PolishingPC, UPC
Diameter Options1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm
Cable LengthDefault or customized length
Tight Buffer Inside0.9mm
Strengthen MemberKevlar
Sheath MaterialPVC or LSZH
Length Tolerance (<15 meters )-0/+100mm
Length Tolerance (>15 meters )-0/+10%
Jacket ColorYellow ( SM ) or other
Durability500 cycles(0.2 dB max increase),
1000 mate/demate cycles
Operating Temp.-20 °C to +70°C
Storage Temp.-40 °C to +85°C
Ferrule Concentricity< 1μm, Other Ferrule Concentricity < 1μm

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