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Clean equipment clean wardrobe

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Product name:Clean equipment clean wardrobe
,,1 Introduction to clean wardrobeClean wardrobe is a versatile strong local purification


1. Introduction to clean wardrobe
Clean wardrobe is a versatile strong local purification equipment, mainly used for hanging clean clothes and dust-free work shoes, keep clean clothes and clean work shoes clean, to prevent the outside air and then pollution. To improve product quality and yield have a good effect: widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, precision instruments, instruments, new energy, pharmaceutical, medical and health, microbiology, educational research institutions, food and other industrial sectors and scientific experimental sites clean Clothing storage, so that clean clothing in the collection, transmission process from other air pollution.
2. Clean wardrobe structure

Note: This device voltage single-phase 220V / 50HZ, power: 120W.
3. Clean wardrobe products
4. Clean wardrobe features
clean wardrobe fan unit sub-box and one
running power consumption is very low, effectively reduce costs;
Built-in duct diversion system, reduce noise and pressure loss, increase fan life
And improve fan efficiency;
with a variety of efficient (HEPA), ultra-efficient (ULPA) easy with;
multi-wing centrifugal fan, can provide high air volume, high static pressure conditions;
Use with the environment;
low noise, vibration is relatively small, the wind is relatively stable. Looks beautiful.
stainless steel structure. With rail moving or sliding door; easy to install and move,
Easy to clean.
products are manufactured before the dust ion counter according to the US Federal Standard 209E standard
Quasi-Taiwan scan detection, to ensure product quality.
5. Clean the wardrobe technical parameters

Clean wardrobe advantages
1. The bottom of the wheel, can be easily moved
2. There are sliding doors to facilitate opening and closing
3. There are special shoe racks, the layout is more reasonable
4. Ten years of industry experience, quality assurance
5. Can be tailored according to customer needs

Clean the wardrobe for maintenance
1. In normal use need to keep clean wardrobe dry, away from water vapor, so as not to make clean wardrobe moldy, thus affecting the life of furniture and beautiful. This requires usually more window ventilation, so that the room should not be too wet.
2. Regular shutdown cleaning, in order to ensure that no secondary pollution, it is recommended 1-2 weeks to stop once
3. Every time you clean the cabinet with a wet cloth, use a dry cloth and then wipe, to avoid residual water stains, the purpose of doing so is to avoid the cabinet moldy, damp.
4. When moving the wardrobe, you should first remove the above purification equipment, from the side to promote the clean wardrobe to prevent collision
The company specializes in the production of 100 clean wardrobe, clean wardrobe, clean wardrobe and FFU air purifier and other purification equipment, ten years R & D and production, clean wardrobe factory direct! China clean room performance assessment units, credible, quality assurance.
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