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8020 Via 0.03mm - 8mm Nichrome Alloy For Electric Heating Element 1200℃ 2190°F

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8020 Via 0.03mm - 8mm Nichrome Alloy For Electric Heating Element 1200℃ 2190°F

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Product Details

(Common Name:Ni80Cr20, Nikrothal8 ,MWS-650, NiCrA, Tophet A, HAI-NiCr 80, Chromel A, Alloy A, Alloy 650, N8, Resistohm 80, Stablohm 650, Nichorme V, Nikrothal 80.)
OhmAlloy109 is a nickel-chromium alloy (NiCr alloy) characterized by high resistivity, good oxidation resistance, very good form stability after use and very good weldability. It is suitable for use at temperatures up to 1200°C,and hold a superior service life compared to Iron chromium alumium alloys.
Typical applications for OhmAlloy109 are electric heating elements in home appliance, industrial furnaces and resistors( wirewound resistors, metal film resistors) such as flat irons, ironing machines, water heaters, plastic moulding dies, soldering irons, metal sheathed tubular elements and cartridge elements.

Style of supply

Alloys NameTypeDimension

Temperature Factors Of Electrical Resistivity


Normal composition

Max 0.50Max 1.0-


Typical Mechanical properties(1.0mm)

Yield strengthTensile StrengthElongation

Typical Physical properties

Density (g/cm3)8.4
Electrical resistivity at 20℃(Ωmm2/m)1.09
Conductivity coefficient at 20℃ (WmK)15

Coefficient of thermal expansion

TemperatureCoefficient of Thermal Expansion x10-6/℃
20 ℃- 1000℃18

Specific heat capacity



Melting point (℃)1400
Max continuous operating temperature in air (℃)1200
Magnetic propertiesnon-magnetic


1. What's the minimum quantity customer can order?
If we have your size in stock, we can provide any quantity you want.
If we do not have, for spool wire, we can produce 1 spool, about 2-3kg. For coil wire, 25kg.

2. How can you pay for small sample amount?
We have Western union account, wire transfer for sample amount also ok.
3. Customer do not have express account. How will we arrange the delivery for sample order?
Just need to provide your address information, we will check the express cost, you can arrange the express cost together with sample value.
4. What's our payment terms?
We can accept LC T/T payment terms, it also depending on delivery and total amount. Let's talk more in details after getting your detailed requirements.
5. Do you provide free samples?
If you want several meters and we have stock of your size, we can provide, customer need to bear the International express cost.

6.How do you guarantee the quality?
We have QC who are responsible for tracking and monitoring whole production process, and we are willing to accept customer‘s testing.
7. What's our working time?
We will give you reply through email/phone Online chat tool within 24 hours. No matter working day or holidays.

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