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Favor Sports Co.Ltd

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Started in 2007, Favor Sports is keeping moving, step by step.

Try our best to listen to and care about each customer, supplying professional products which will let every person enjoy sports free from injury.

We are devoted to developing, producing, marketing sport products, among Rigid Rayon Tape, Athletic Tape, Kinesiology Tape, Hand Tear Flexible Tape, Finger Tape are highly appreciated.

Web: www.favorsports.com

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FavorSports rayon rigid strapping tape is with extremely sticky adhesive and with high tensile ...
FavorSports flexible Sports Tape is elastic and easy-hand-tear, hypo-allergenic and used for taping ...
Athletic cotton tape is with strong adhesive and high tensile strength. It is usually for fixing ...
The finger tape is with extremely sticky adhesive. It can stay on fingers very well during drastic ...
It is a heavy elastic adhesive bandage with aggressive adhesion. It is applied when moderate to ...
Kinesiology tape is the most widely used on almost any part of body. It can prevent potential harm ...

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Company Name: Favor Sports Co.Ltd
Country: china