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Red Final Drive Assembly TM07VC-01 Hyundai R60-7 Excavator Genuine Motor

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Address: NO. 23, Hewangzhuang Plaza, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China

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Red Final Drive Assembly TM07VC-01 Hyundai R60-7 Excavator Genuine Motor

Country/Region china
City & Province zhengzhou henan
Categories Agriculture & By-product Agents

Product Details

Red Final Drive Assembly TM07VC-01 Hyundai R60-7 Excavator Genuine Motor




1, model: TM07VC-01

2, displacement (cc/rev): 43/22.6

3, working pressure(Mpa): 25.8

4, Brake Torque(kgf-m): 8.6

5, Gear Ratio(i): 53.8

6, output torque(Kgf-m): 962/486

7, output speed (rpm: 24.3/47

8, applicable machine: Hyundai R60-7

9, weight: 85kgs


Overall dimension:


item namemodel application machine model
travel motorMG26VPYC35,  Kubota 45/35/32, B32, B37-2, SK30, Sk32, SK35, IS35J/S, A5/TB30/TB35/TB39
travel motorTM07VCDH60-7, DH55, R60-7, 
travel motorTM09VCDH80-7, DH80Gold, PC60-6/7, E70B, SH60, PC75, Kato 250, SK60, Yanmar75, YC85, LG906/907, R80
travel motorTM09VC-52/43-10 
travel motorTM09VC-50/27-07PC78UU
travel motorTM18VCDH150, DH130
travel motorTM18V-68/43-02DH150, DH130, PC130-7, PC120-6, R135-7, R150-7, SK120, SH120, Kato450, Kato400, YC135, LG120, 
travel motorTM22-77/45-01DH150, DH130, , R135-7, R150-7
travel motorTM22-77/45-02rotary drilling
travel motorTM40VCDH225-7, DH220-7, DH220-5, DH220-9, R260-7, R225-7, R220-5, R220-7, R210,R200,R225-9 EC210, SK210-8, Sk200-8
swing motorSM60DH60-7, DH55, R60-7, 
swing motorSM220DH220-7, DH220-9, DH215-9, DH225-7, DH225-9, DH500
swing motorSM220Liugong220/225/922, R210(M2X150, R215-7(GMF151)


itemmachine modelitemmachine model
travel reducer/gearboxR200/ R210/ R220-5travel reducer/gearboxEX200-1
travel reducer/gearboxR215/R225-7, DH225-7travel reducer/gearboxEX200-5
travel reducer/gearboxDH258-7travel reducer/gearboxZAX200/210
travel reducer/gearboxR225-9, R210-7, SY215-7travel reducer/gearboxZAX200-3
travel reducer/gearboxDH215-9, DH225-9travel reducer/gearboxSK200/SK210-8, HD820-5
travel reducer/gearboxDH220-5, R260-5, LG200travel reducer/gearboxSK250-8
travel reducer/gearboxSK200-6Etravel reducer/gearboxDH300-7
travel reducer/gearboxPC200-6, PC220-6travel reducer/gearboxR305-7
travel reducer/gearboxPC120-6, PC100-6 PC110-7travel reducer/gearboxPC360-7, PC300-7
travel reducer/gearboxDH150, SY135-8travel reducer/gearboxDH370-7
travel reducer/gearboxPC120-5, PC100-5travel reducer/gearboxEC290B(old type)
travel reducer/gearboxSH265, E110Btravel reducer/gearboxPC60-7, PC78
travel reducer/gearboxEX100-1, EX120-1travel reducer/gearboxDH60
travel reducer/gearboxPC200-7travel reducer/gearboxR60-5, R60-7
travel reducer/gearboxSH200A3travel reducer/gearboxR80-7
travel reducer/gearboxSK230-6Etravel reducer/gearboxDH80-7
travel reducer/gearboxE320C, E318Ctravel reducer/gearboxZAX60-7
travel reducer/gearboxSH200A1, A2travel reducer/gearboxPC55/56



We could supply the following spare parts:

Hydraulic parts: hydraulic pump, main valve, hydraulic cylinder, final drive, travel motor, 

swing machinery, swing motor, reducer and gearbox etc.



2.Our company is specialized in excavator parts of  final drive ass'y, travel hydraulic motor, 

travel reducer,hydraulic main pump  for excavator final drive,travel motor etc.

If what you need is not in the list, please feel free to contact us. 

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