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24V Caterpillar Excavator Starter Motor 199-3918 For Engine Model E325

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24V Caterpillar Excavator Starter Motor 199-3918 For Engine Model E325

Country/Region china
City & Province guangzhou guangdong
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Product Details

Caterpillar Excavator Starter Motor 199-3918 For Engine Model E325



Product Description


Type:Caterpillar Excavator Starter Motor


OEM NO.:199-3918


Application:Caterpillar E325


Engine Model:E325


Technical Parameter: 24V 8.0KW 12T 46M


LB NO.:LB-D0042


Recommend Excavator Starter Motor


     LB NO.

LB-D0001PC60-6 4D95 4BD1 24V 2H 4.5KW 9T600-813-4411 0-23000-2542
LB-D0002PC200-1 6D105 24V 6KW 13T600-813-4650
LB-D0003PC200-3 6D105 24V 5.5KW 3H 13T600-813-4120 0-23000-1231
LB-D0004PC200-5/6 6D95 11T 24V 5.5KW600-813-4421 0-23000-2561
LB-D0005APC200-6 6D102 24V 4.5KW 10T 40MM 2H600-863-4110 228000-4992
LB-D0005BPC200-6 6D102 24V 5.5KW 10T 40MM 3H600-863-4110
LB-D0006APC300-6 6D108 24V 12T 46MM 7.5KW0-2300-6531
LB-D0006BPC400-6 6D125 24V 7.5KW 11T 46MM600-813-4530 600-813-4670
LB-D0007EX200-1/2 SH280 6BD1 3H 11T 24V 4.5KW1-811000-189-2 1-81100189-0 1-81100-189-2
LB-D0008DH220-5 EX210/230/240 EX200-6 EX200-5 6BG1 24V 4.5KW 3H 11T0-28000-6200 1-81100036-0
LB-D0009HD700-5/7 6D31 11T 24V 3.7KW 2HM2T78381 M2T78372
LB-D0010A4M40 SH60/SK60 24V 3.2KW 11TM008T80471/2
LB-D0010B4M40 12V 2.0KW 11T 32.5MM 
LB-D0011ANT855 7.5KW 3H 11T600-813-3962/3963/3861/2724
LB-D0011BNT855 8.5KW 11T600-813-3962/3963/3861/2724
LB-D0011CNT855 11KW600-813-3962/3963/3861/2724
LB-D0012H06C H07C 24V 11T 3H 4.5KW28100-1863 128000-4685/86/87/88
LB-D0013H06CT H07C 24V 11T 5.5KW0350-552-0512
LB-D00144D31 24V 3H 9T 3.2KWM002T64272 ME017004
LB-D00154D31 3H 14T 4.5KWM003T57575 M3T57575
LB-D00166D14 6D15 24V 11T 5.0KWM3T56071 M3T56072
LB-D00176D22 5.0KW 24V 13TM3T95082 M3T95071
LB-D00186D34 2H 11T 24V 5.0KWTM8T87171 ME049303 M008T87171
LB-D00196SD1 6SA1 ISUZU 2H 11T 24V 7.5KW1-81100-246-1 0-23000-7292
LB-D0020A6CT8.3 3H 12T3938502
LB-D0020B6CT8.3 3H 10T 24V 5.5KW 
LB-D00216BT5.9 3H 10T 24V 5.5KW 
LB-D0022ZAX230/300 6HK1 2H 11T 24V 5.0KWM008T60972 898060-8540
LB-D00234HK1 2H 13T 24V 5.0KW8-98070-321-1 8-98054-063-0
LB-D002410PD1 10PC1 12T 3H 24V 7.5KW0-23000-7061
LB-D00256QA1 3H 11T1-81100341-3 M009T80971
LB-D0026AZAX70 4JG1 (24V 11T 2H 3.5KW) 
LB-D0026BDH55 4JB1 12V 2.5KW 11T8-97204713-0 71440357 M008T77071
LB-D0027AE33063H 12T 7.5KW 24V
LB-D0027BE33063H 12T 7.5KW 11V
LB-D0028E320C 24V 5.0KW 10T 
LB-D0029E330D/C 3H 11T 24V 11KW4N8118 6N1889 6T0640
LB-D0030APE6 PF624V 11T 3H 6.0KW
LB-D0030BPE6 PF624V 11T 3H 4.5KW
LB-D003137MT 12V 10TWAI50-161 DELCO 10478831 1990309 1993705 WAI50-159 DELCO 1113402 1113640 1113651 1113656 WAI50-193
LB-D003240MT 12V/11T 12V/12T 24V/11T 24V/12TWAI50-108 DELCO 1114098 WAI50-100 DELCO 1114848 WAI50-103
LB-D003342MT (12V 11T 7.6KW;24V 11T;24V 12T)WAI50-153-1 WAI50-150-1 WAI50-151-1 WAI50-52-1
LB-D003450MT 11T 24V (6CT 8.3)WAI50-111 DELCO1109222 / 4906784
LB-D0035S4F 11T 2T 24V 3.2KW34466-20102 M2T65272
LB-D0036PC30/40 3D84 11T 2H 12V 1.4KW129698-77010 12960877011 12960877010
LB-D00374TNV9815T 2H 12V
LB-D0038PC150 12T 46MM 5.5KW 24V600-813-3230/3231/3330/3460
LB-D0039PC360-7 24V 11KW 12T 46MM600-813-3912/3922/3970/4211/4212/4221 0-23000-7731
LB-D00404BT12V 2.8KW 15T
LB-D0041EX5512V 1.4KW 9T 32MM
LB-D0042E325 24V 8.0KW 12T 46MM199-3918
LB-D0043EC360 24V 8.0KW 12T19011511
LB-D0044EC210/240 24V 4.0KW 9T 35MM0001-368001
LB-D0045A4D34 24V 5.0KW 13T 50MMM008T60271A
LB-D0045B4D34 12V 2.5KW 9T 35MM 
LB-D00464BG1 24V 4.5KW 11T 39MM 
LB-D00476D17 24V 5.0KW 11T 40MMM8T60071
LB-D00486D24 24V 6.0KW 11T 40MMM00960171
LB-D00498DC9 24V 6.0KW 13T 55MMM4T95082
LB-D0050S6S 24V 5.0KW 10T 40MMM8T60371/2/3
LB-D0051J05C 24V 4.5KW 11T 40MM281000-78090
LB-D0052J08C 21V 4.5KW 11T 40MM0355-502-0016
LB-D0053RD8 RD10 24V 6.0KW 11T 47MM0350 602 0091
LB-D0054PD6 24V 4.5KW 11T 40MM 
LB-D0055DH300 24V 5.0KW 11T 40MM 
LB-D0056DH220-3 24V 5.5KW 11T 40MMM000A0301 65.262017124 65.262017049
LB-D0057DH280 DH360 24V 6.0KW 9T 35MM0001-417-001
LB-D0058W04D W06D 24V 4.5KW 11T 40MM0350-402-0123
LB-D00596BB1 24V 4.5KW 11T 40MM1-81100-191-0



Our Company

Guangzhou Kinglebon Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is a specialized in development,production,sales of excavator spare parts of large enterprises,also is a member of china internal com bustion Engine Association Filter Branch,The company mainly go in for production and development all kinds of filters,compressor,alternator and so on for construction machinery,heavy vehicles,agricultural machinery,truck,car,ship and engineering machine etc.Our products made following Quality Management System Standard ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949:2002.The products have exported to south-east Asia Euro-America,and sales to all of our country.Our products depend on excellent quality,reaonable price,best service,get good feedback form customers.





1Q:What is your brand?
1A:Our own brand: ACT
2Q:Do you have your own factory? Can we have a visit?
2A:Absolutely, you are always welcome to visit our factory.
3Q:How do you control the quality of the products?
3A:Our factory was obtained the ISO9001 CERTIFICATE.Every process of the production is strictly controlled. And all products will be inspected by QC before shipment.
4Q:How long is the delivery time?
4A:2 to 7 days for ex-stock orders. 15 to 30 days for production.
5Q:Can we print our company logo on product and package?
5A:Yes, but the quantity of the order is required. And we need you to offer the Trademark Authorization to us.
6Q:Can you provide OEM BRAND package?
6A:Sorry, we can only offer our company ACT BRAND package,blank package if you need, and the Buyers' Brand as authorized.
7Q:How long is the warranty period?
7A:3 months


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