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Black Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks Smaller Contact Surface For K028 / Pc27mr

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Black Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks Smaller Contact Surface For K028 / Pc27mr

Country/Region china
City & Province shanghai shanghai
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Product Details

Kubota and komatsu mini excavator rubber track with size 300x52,5x80 for K028 / PC27MR


1.Product Information

1.Name of commodityRubber Track 300x52.5x80 for Yanmar Mini Excavator
5.Total Length4200mm
7.MaterialRubber & Steel
8.Steel cord typeContinuous inner steel cord with joint free
9.WarrantyGuarantee one year under normal use



Rubber track with size 300mm wide, 52.5mm pitch and 80 links, can be applied on the mini construction machinery as follow:



BrandOriginal SizePOOYERT Size1RollerPOOYERT Size2Roller
K028 (KUBOTA)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
K030 (KUBOTA)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
KX021UR (KUBOTA)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
PC15R (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80250x52,5x80K/NB2  
PC20.7 (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80250x52,5x80K/NB2  
PC25R.8 (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80250x52,5x80K/NB2300x52,5x80NB1
PC26MR (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
PC26MR.3 (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
PC27MR (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
PC27MR2 (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
PC27MRX (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
PC27R.8 (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
PC28.1 (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1250x52,5x80K/NB2
PC28UU.2 (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
PC28UU.2 (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80250x52,5x80K/NB2  
PC28UU.3 (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80250x52,5x80K/NB2  
PC28UU.3 (KOMATSU)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
AX35.2 (AIRMANN)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
E26 (BOBCAT)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
CZ25 (CAMS)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
CX30B (CASE)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
MM30 (CATERPILLAR)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
MM30B (CATERPILLAR)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
MM30CR (CATERPILLAR)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
MM30SR (CATERPILLAR)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
MM30T (CATERPILLAR)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
SOLAR 35 (DAEWOO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1300x109x39NB1
DX27Z (DOOSAN)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
TS30R (EUROTOM)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1300x55x78B1
HRE1000 (GAYK)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80   
HRE3000 (GAYK)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80   
EX27.U2 (HITACHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
ZX27.3 (HITACHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
ZX27U.2 (HITACHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
ZX29U (HITACHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
ZX29U.3 (HITACHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
ROBEX 27.Z9 (HYUNDAI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
30J (IHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
30UJ (IHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
30Z (IHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
30J (IMER)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
30UJ (IMER)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
30Z (IMER)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
CT30N (IWAFUJI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
MM30 (MITSUBISHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
MM30B (MITSUBISHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
MM30CR (MITSUBISHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
MM30SR (MITSUBISHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
MM30T (MITSUBISHI)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
TS30R (NAGANO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
3000 (NEUSON)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
3200RD (NEUSON)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
3402 (NEUSON)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
3602 (NEUSON)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
3602RD (NEUSON)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
3602RD FORCE (NEUSON)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
3602RD SLR (NEUSON)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80NB1  
RH1.27SR2 (ORENSTEIN E KOPPEL)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80B1  
PZ250 (PEZZOLATO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80   
LS850UXJ (SUMITOMO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
LS850UXJ2 (SUMITOMO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
LS900FXJ2 (SUMITOMO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
LS900FXJ3 (SUMITOMO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
SH30J (SUMITOMO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
SH30U (SUMITOMO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
SH30UJ (SUMITOMO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
SH30UJ2 (SUMITOMO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
SH30UJ3 (SUMITOMO)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80WB1  
K35S (TEKNA)300x52,5x80300x52,5x80B1  



3.Special Features of the POOYERT Rubber Tracks

- 3 Metal Cores Wound Up: Higher durability & Better flexibility

- Smaller Contact Surface (Smaller Lug): Better grip & traction

- Bi Directional: Tracks are Interchangeable

- Reinforced Edges Between Lugs: Decreasing the chance of slicing

- Jointless: Track is much stronger than the joint type

4. State of art technology

Thanks for endless our clients believe us and place the order to us. So we have enough found to invest on R&D every year.
With several years research, we applied the Continuous Rubber Track inside the rubber track.

Continuous rubber track means the steel inside the rubber in process is coherent which means there are no weld joint between the steel. Comparing with common rubber track, Continuous Rubber track has some Performance Advantages as follow:

1: Good tensile strength
The framework of the continuous rubber track is wind-up by one, single steel wire which offers a uniform a uniform tensile strength for which increase the whole track's tensile stength.

2: Low elongation
Cause of the continuous structure of the track, the steel wire internal hard to be elongated so that gives the track a very low elongation.

3: Good anti-slip ability for steel wire internal
The steel wire under the continuous structure forced uniform during the process of manufacture which makes the steel wire internal has a good ability of anti-slip during the rubber track's working.

4: Stable dimension for pitch

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