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Changzhou Esuntech Co.,Ltd.

Changzhou Esuntech Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Changzhou Esuntech Co.,Ltd. locates in Jiangsu near Shanghai which is convenient for goods transportation and customer visiting.
Built and invested in 1998,we are one of the leading manufacturer in China for the accessory of measuring instrument.
Our products are as following:
Test probe and test lead
Jewel screw
Moving coil
Magnet frame and yoke
Meter movement
We are the company where 200 workers are employed in the 4000 m2 plant.Our company consists development,material,production,management,QC&QAdepartments.In order to serve the customer better,we established a export company.
Our production processes are environmentally friendly.The products can be almost completely recycled.
Depending on the profound technical knowledge,a wide selection of products and quick quality service enable us to meet the customer requirement all over the world.

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Company Name: Changzhou Esuntech Co.,Ltd.
Country: China