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2-4mm Size EPDM Rubber Granules , Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer

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2-4mm Size EPDM Rubber Granules , Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer

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Product Details

AOV 2-4mm size EPDM rubber granules , Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer
Quick Detail:
    Place of origin: Zhejiang China (mainland)
    Size: 1-3mm
    Brand: I RUNNING
    Function: racetracks, outdoor& indoor flooring, grass filling etc.
    Color: red, green, yellow, blue, etc.
    EPDM granule has various colors and high elasticity and high flexibility. When applied to rubber field, it can help to make the flooring anti-slip and avoid reflected light’s harm to eyes. Rubber flooring can be made of multi-colors. ”RUNNING” EPDM granule keeps bright colors for long term, and will not fade or powder because of UV, ozone or acid rain.
    EPDM rubber which can be used in high security demand ground .It’s made from synthetic rubber, can produce a varity of colors, and with its superior performance that can resist ultraviolet light and resistant to general chemical reactions, especially in the patterned construction, more can show the superiority of EPDM color granules.
Feature of EPDM Rubber Granule
    1.Chemical stability
    Better resistance  to weathering  and out door aging
    Their environmental resistance to ozone , oxidation and water is excellent. Excellent performance on UV resistance. This products is mostly used in athletic tracks, EPDM courts, safe playground..
    2.Good elasticity
    It can maintain a good elasticity at low temperature.
    3. Strong adhesiveness
    During the process of production, the techniques of our company has solved the
    most difficult problem of adhesiveness force between granules and adhesive after many tests and experiments on site.
    4. Bright color
    All the colors adopt the pigments of famous brand and home and abroad to keep all granules' color stable , fastness ,high weather resistance.
    5. The product can be made according to the requirements of our clients.
    The color, size, strength and rubber content of granules can be made according to requirements of our clients.
    The colored rubber granules and particles are mainly suitable for paving the ground of stadium racetracks, school playground, kindergarten ,gymnasium and various sport courts.
    Sports field: kindergartens, school’s playgrounds, playing field, racetracks, sports center, wushu playground and army’s training places.
    Entertainment places: kids’ amusement parks, fitness room, silver hair’s centers , healthcare centers, training room, dancing room, bathing center, sides of swimming pools.
    Public places and municipal facilities: sidewalks, overpasses, underground passages, parks, bus stops, docks, airports, ships’ decks and marketplaces that need anti-slipping.
    Power plants , common transformers substations, power distribution rooms, labs, fine instruments’ rooms, computer rooms, meeting rooms and libraries that need sound insulation or anti-static and insulation; Household purpose: bathrooms/balconies and terraces.
    EPDM granules for artificial turf:
    1.Wear resistance
    2.UV stability
    3.Color fastness
    4. Flame retardant

Ash content %


Tensile strength, MPa


Elongation at break%


Hardness(shore A)


Relative Density Kg/m³




EPDM Granule precautions
EPDM granule can be stored at any temperature, just keep away from wetness. Keep away from children, no contact with  eyes, no inhalation. In case of contact, flush with water, or call a physician.




Competitive Advantage:
    Our products have the characteristics of high elasticity , beautiful  colors ,persistence ,nonpoisonous substance and resistance of aging .
    Colorful rubber grain/granules are the first choice of supplementary materials for moisture-proof, shockproof and anti-static materials
    chemical stability
    good flexibility
    high bondability
    bright in color

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