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Vertical Drop Impact Test Machine Steady Transmission Durable With Long Life Time

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Vertical Drop Impact Test Machine Steady Transmission Durable With Long Life Time

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Complete Filled Transport Packages Vertical Impact Test by Dropping-Package Drop Tester

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Single-arm Drop Test Machine Technical Parameters:

Max. Weight of Test Samples (Kg)≥200100100
Height of Drop (mm)0~1200300~1500300~2000
Max. Dimension of Test Sample WxHxD (mm)1200x1200x12001000x800x10001000x800x1000
Falling Floor Size WxHxD (mm)1400x50x20001700x50x12001700x50x1200
Drop MethodFace, edge, angle
Test Bench External Dimension WxHxD (mm)1400x2000x18001700x2200x12001700x2700x1200
Weight (Kg)1500800900
PowerAC 380V / AC220V


Height range40-150cm
Area of single wing (W*D)30*75cm
Base area(W*D)120*140cm
Test space(W*D*H)87*74*40~160cm
Load weightabout 60kg
Height adjustmentMotor driven
Motor1/3 HP
Host volume120*140*210cm
The control box volumeH110cm
PowerAC 1 phase 220V 50Hz


What is Drop Testing?

Drop testing determines the ability of a package to withstand the rigors of handling by people and machinery in the distribution environment. Numerous studies have shown conclusively that a truly flat drop represents the worst possible input to a packaged product. Therefore, it is crucial that laboratory drop testing be done on a drop test system designed to insure the flattest impacts possible. In addition to accurate flat drop testing, this machine allows drop testing to be performed on the package's edges and corners, for complete performance evaluation. Drop Testers allow you to thoroughly examine the effectiveness of package cushioning and its ability to protect your product, dunnage, closures, and other critical design attributes when exposed to all possible drop test orientations.



This series of drop test stand is mainly used for testing simulation package in the transportation, loading and unloading process under the influence of drop impact,resistance to impact strength for the

identification of package and the rationality of the design of packaging.

The machine through the way of free fall, for vertical impact test specimens.Specimen Angle of free choice,

edges and three state to drop test, drop test height is prepared in advance.When the specimen height to

preset automatically stop after positioning.According to the different size of products to choose the

distance between the test arm, electric adjustable width.This machine free release mechanism is flexible

and reliable, to ensure that the specimen in the release of free fall and the moment is not affected by

anyexternal force, on the way to ensure that the specimen required by the state of falling.


Design standards:

  1. GB4757.5-84
  2. JISZ0202-87
  3. ISO2248-1972(E)




TypeSingle arm lifting
Test height30~150cm30~200cm300~150cm300~200cm
Max.size of specimen100*100*80cm
Maximun weight of specimen85kg
Overall weight480kg550kg480kg550kg
Overall size150×100×225cm
Baseplate size150×100×2cm
Control modeElectronic control box
Drop methodCylinder
Height indicatorLCD display shows drop height
Height adjustmentServo motor precision control
Buffer typeOil pressure absorption
Power supplyAC 1 phase 220V 60/50Hz



1. Advanced structure ensure that bracket and specimen separate freely and specimen drop freely

through bracket rapid downward motion then rotation movement. It delivers perfect test for specimen side,edge and corner.

2. It uses electric reset, electronically controlling falling, electric lifting, which makes it is easy to operate. 3. High Accuracy, direct display

4. It is steady when it is dropping and lifting

5. According to different test product size, through the power button to adjust the distance between the

bracket, it can test for multiple products


Maintain Procedure

1. Keep the machine clean.

2. Wipe the metal surface at regular intervals by using boiled oil,wipe the screw and gear with lubricating oil to maintain the machine and keep the machine long-life time.

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