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Gateway Wireless LAN Controller X86 Intelligent Authentication Manage 500PCS AP

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Gateway Wireless LAN Controller X86 Intelligent Authentication Manage 500PCS AP

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City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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X86 Intelligent Authentication Gateway Wireless LAN Controller Manage 500PCS AP


Intel CPU, Multi-WAN, 500PCS Wireless AP, 500 users
Industry intelligent authentication gateway, support MAC authentication and manage APs based on trunk VLAN, configure AP, upgrade, reboot, reset, change channel, distribute IP to wireless AP automatically, then support Captive portal authentication and cloud management.


AC850 is a Gigabit high performance WLAN AC controller, with AC, Gateway and Authentication functions, easily manage wireless AP. With ceiling AP, in wall AP, outdoor AP, can offer wireless network solutions for all kinds of environment, like hotel, enterprise, school, shopping mall, restaurant.



Multi-WAN Gigabit High Speed WLAN AC Controller
4* Gigabit WAN/LAN Ports(3 ports auto adaptation), 2* Gigabit LAN Ports, High Speed Transfer;

Auto Detect and Manage AP, max to manage 500PCS AP, Allow 500 Users Access
Auto detect all AP (AP work in FIT mode), configure and manage all Wireless AP easily, plug and play, zero configuration;

Ensuring Internet Surfing with Multi Network Optimization
1. Support Seamless Wireless Roaming and auto Wi-Fi Channel analysis, AP RF power adjustable, reduce wireless interference between different AP, improve wireless network quality;
2. Support removing weak signal AP, smart recognize and disable/delete AP which signal is lower than the customized signal threshold value. Improve whole wireless network quality;

3. Support load balance which is based on connected user numbers, AC can adjust users to different AP based on the policies configured;

3 in 1 Multi Functions WLAN AC Controller, support AC bypass network
1. With AC, Gateway, Authentication functions, can offer solutions for different environment; For current finished network deployment, make AC work as bypass, can work with current network perfectly to cut down cost; Zero configure, fast deployment, easy installation, easy maintenance;

2. Support local forwarding technology, realize wireless data local forwarding based on AC+FIT AP, meet with wireless network high broadband trend;

3. AC and AP support Layer2 network, and Layer3 network, AC across NAT to remote manage all wireless AP;

Unified Configure Whole Wireless Network, Support SSID Tag VLAN
1. Unified Configure all wireless network parameters, all AP connected the AC will get configurations automatically;

2. Support SSID Tag VLAN, achieve layer3 isolation between different SSID, suppressing broadcast storm, support different Encryption methods/authentication methods/network authorities for different SSID;

Multi Authentication Methods for different request
1. Wechat Auth: Input the Wechat ID and password, then apply it;

2. Onekey Auth: mean no auth, showed the advertisement pictures, click onekey auth button, then access into this network and get the Ethernet;

3. SMS Auth: Work with SMS gateway, get authentication code by messages;
4. Member Auth: Port member list by excel form in advance, then input the member ID and password to verify or work with other radius server to do the member auth;

5. Custom Auth: need to banding the auth API;

6. Radius: work with other radius server, make it work as authentication server.

Multi Security Defense Modes, offer Stable and Safe Wireless Network
Broadcast Storm suppression, DHCP Defense, ARP Defense, MAC filter defense, meet customer’s security requirements.



Standard and ProtocolIEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3ab
CAPWAP Protocol
CPUIntel D525
SSD16GSSD hard disk
Heat RadiationBall Bearing fan

1 * Gigabit WAN ports, max 4 WAN ports
5 * Gigabit LAN ports, min 2 LAN ports
2 * USB2.0 ports

PowerAC100~240V, Max 50W
Operating Temperature-20°C~45°C (-20°F~113°F)
Storage Temperature-30°C~70°C (-30°F~158°F)
Relative Humidity10% ~ 90%, Non-condensing
Storage Humidity5%~95%, Non-condensing
Firmware Function
AP Management

Max to manage 500PCS Wireless AP

Central/Remote Management and Configuration

End User Status Monitor

WAN Connection TypeDHCP, Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP
DHCPDHCP Server/Client
MAC CloneModify WAN/LAN/DMZ MAC Address
VLAN ManagementTrunk VLAN ID to manage wireless AP
Load Balance

Multi-WAN, Multi-ISP

Intelligent Load Balance

Line Backup

Ethernet Superimposed

Policy Routing

Protocol Binding

Online Detection

RoutingStatic Routing

Full block P2P firmware like BT, PPlive, QQlive, eMule;

Allow specify P2P firmware but limits its bandwidth;

Support file filter and URL filter to void HTTP, FTP uploading and downloading occupied bandwidth;

Divide different network behaviors to different users

Flow Control

IP-based Bandwidth Control

Guarantee & Limited Bandwidth

Time-Scheduled Policy

IP-based Session Limit


MAC Filtering

URL/Keywords Filtering

Web Content Filtering

IP Filter

Port Mapping


Attack Defense

TCP/UDP/ICMP Flood Defense

Block TCP Scan

Block Ping from WAN

ARP Inspection

Sending GARP Packets

ARP Scanning by WAN/LAN

IP-MAC Binding


Local Authentication;

Remote Authentication (WeChat Login, SMS Login, Member Login)


Web/CLI/Telnet Management Interface

Remote Management

OthersDDNS, VPN management
Package Contents

1 x AC850

1 x Power adapter

1 x Rack-mount Kit

1 x User Guide



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