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Engine Carburetor Choke Thermostat / Divorced Choke Thermostat For General Motor ISO9001 Certificated

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Engine Carburetor Choke Thermostat / Divorced Choke Thermostat For General Motor ISO9001 Certificated

Country/Region china
City & Province chongqing chongqing
Categories Auto Engine

Product Details

OEM quality engine carburetor choke thermostat for general motor

Centre distance of revolving armR20±0.15
Center distance of positioning hole18±0.1
Location hole diameterΦ5.3±0.15
Temperature performance (no load)

1. Start-up temperature: -10℃

2. Full open temperature: 35℃

3. Rotation angle: 49°

Characteristic of Rotation Angle and Temperature≥1.1°/℃
Torque Output at 80 C≥0.6N.mm
Use environment-40℃-+200℃
Storage requirements


humidity:< 5%



Choke thermostat how to work 

Choke thermostat is the part of the carburetor that controls the operation of the choke. The choke is a valve that regulates the flow of air into the carb. This is especially useful during cold starts because it limits airflow, which enriches the mixture in the carburetor and makes starting in cold temperatures easy.

A standard component in vehicles with carburetor and ignition coil systems, the choke thermostat controls the idle of the vehicle by opening or closing the butterfly valve on top of the carburetor when the temperature rises or lowers respectively. This allows more or less airflow depending on the temperature of the engine. But while it is designed to work in hot temperatures, choke thermostats are exceptionally vulnerable to heat damage. And once they burn out, the thermostat must be replaced.






For the period of two years or 50,000 kilometers,whichever occcurs first,from the date of shipment,any shock absorber from CHONGQING SKILL SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD,found to be defrctive in material or workmanship in below cases,we will replace without charge,or return the equal money back:
1.Installation sizes are wrong;
2.Oil or gas leakage;
3.Iron was rusty after painting;
4.welding position discount;
5.Damping force was out of test report range,±20% damping force rate (National sdandard) should be allowed and born by the purchaser;
6.0.5% of failure rate should be allowed.


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