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Address: No. 108, West Xiangmang Road,Qingxi, Dong Guan, Guangdong

Phone: +86-769-87736443 +86-769-82078888, 400-678-9443


About Us

IFE ELEVATOR (DONG GUAN) CO.,LTD. is a professional elevator and escalator company, founded in 1988. We not only produce elevators and escalators; we also provide OEM service. We make it a point to monitor and accommodate the trends of the markets. As a result, we have developed 12 types (100 series) of elevators and escalators to satisfy the increasing marketing demand.

Our primary products include passenger elevators, the panoramic elevator BUILDINGEYE, freight elevator FPHV, hospital elevator FPB, escalator GRACES, and moving walk GRACES, etc. Our passenger lifts, which include SMR elevator METIS, and the MRL elevator JOYMORE, are extensively used in multi-floor buildings like residential communities, office buildings, hotels, and so on.

Our GRACES escalators and moving walks are commonly found in department stores and various public transportation systems, like subway stations, railway stations, and airport stations, and more.

In order to provide a safe, satisfactory, convenient passenger and material carrying vertical transportation, IFE elevators and escalators strictly consist with three important standards: the European EN81 standard, Australian AS1735 standard, and the Chinese GB7588 standard. To further improve product quality and manufacturing techniques, we have acquired CNC machine tools and high precision testing equipment from Germany, Japan, etc.

Our goal is to provide not only high quality but also reasonable price elevators and escalators. Therefore, we do all we can to reduce production costs. For example, we established the ERP system to manage all information and functions of IFE's business, which reduces our management costs. In addition, our adoption of the PLM system (product lifespan management system) allows us to have a complete data center for each product, which includes the product information from the design, through manufacturing, to installation.

This also reduces costs. Lastly, we improved the management of our logistic systems and supply chains, thus not only reducing transportation and purchasing costs, but also guaranteeing product quality.

At IFE, we assume the social responsibility of protecting our environment. Therefore, our passenger elevators, hospital elevators, etc. are all equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motors which are energy efficient, low noise, highly efficient, and low maintenance. The IFE designed control system and energy regeneracy system further help saving energy and protect the environment.

As a result, our elevators and escalators were awarded as recommended environmentally friendly products by the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences. Our products have also obtained ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and AS1735 product registration certification. We are currently working on approval for European CE certification.

As we have decades of service experience in the elevator business, we understand how to better serve our customers. IFE has committed itself to providing excellent customer service to each client. Our guarantee is to have a technician on-site to do any needed repairs, worldwide, within an hour. We also provide a 12 month warranty for our products.

As a result of our high product quality, reasonable prices, and considerate service, IFE elevators and escalators are well accepted in over 26 countries around the world.

As a professional escalator and elevator manufacturer and supplier in China, IFE welcomes international clients to work with us. We are confident that you will be happy with our passenger elevators, freight elevators, moving walks, and other products.

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City: Dongguan
Province: Guangdong
Country: China
Address: No. 108, West Xiangmang Road,Qingxi, Dong Guan, Guangdong
Zip: 523660
Website: http://www.elevators-china.com/