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Address: Rm3008 , Block A , Jiahe Huaqiang Building , Shennan Road , Futian , Shenzhen

Contact name:Antonia Leung

E-Chips Solution Co.,LTD

About Us

E-Chips Solution is one of the Asian's larget stocking distributors of Semiconductor, Connectors and Interconnects, Passives, Power, and Electromechanical.We are a leader in just-in-time replenishment and has the ability to deliver large quantities of components anywhere in the world with very short lead times,serve customers all-around with our advantages of abundant inventory availability , completed series flexibility and professional technical-support , covering optical electronics , communications , auto electronics , industry computer , network and other main industry fields .
Being named ‘Best in Class’ in the following categories:
Broadest Overall Product Selection
Parts in Stock Available for Immediate Delivery
Data and Product Selection Support
Consistent, On-time Delivery
E-Commerce/Online Buying
Competitive Pricing
Our main service including :
  1.  Spot-Buy ( Global sourcing shortage and urgent parts)
  2.  Long-term order supply (cost down and PPV)
  3.  Bom Kitting
  4.  Excess Stock Resell
Product Line as below : 
Integrated Circuit:      

[power management , analog IC , optoelectronic components , communication components , distributed components , the central processor , micro-controller , logic IC products]


[Power products , PCB connector , Radio frequency and coaxial connector , Aerospace, Defense & Marine , Wire connector , Ribbon and flat cable connector , Electricity and
power products , Socket / memory card products , Fiber optic products , Wiring row and strip rack , Input / output (BTB) , Terminal and connector , RF , SMA , BNC , GPS]


[electrolytic capacitor , solid capacitor , ceramic capacitor , tantalum electrolytic capacitor , mica capacitor , glass glaze capacitor , polystyrene , glass film capacitorElectrolytic
capacitor , alloy , polyester capacitor , polypropylene capacitor , slurry electrolysis , polar organic film capacitor , aluminum electrolytic capacitor]
[We can design and produce high tolerance products for you.]


[Automotive Grade,Thin film , Resistor Array , MELF/Carbon , Thick film , Leaded , Current sensing]
[We can design and produce high tolerance products for you.]


[Oscillatory inductor , Correction inductor , Kinescope deflection inductor , Choke inductor , Filter inductor , Isolation inductor , Be compensated inductors]
[We can design and produce high tolerance products for you.]
Crystal and Oscilator:      


[Quartz crystal oscillator , Temperature compensated crystal oscillator , Voltage controlled crystal oscillator , Temperature controlled crystal oscillator]


The relay is automatic switch components with isolation function , widely used in remote control, telemetry , communication, automatic control ,
electromechanical integrationAnd in electrical and electronic equipment , is one of the most important control elements.
[protective relays , regulating relays , programming relays , monitoring relays , auxiliary relays]


[Current fuse , temperature fuse , resettable fuse]


[Organic solid core potentiometers, conductive plastic potentiometers, trimming potentiometers, wirewound precision potentiometers, wirewound
potentiometers, carbon film potentiometer] 
and other electronic components we have not listed here .
Looking for a obsolete or hard to find component ?  
Contact our customer service !
Email : sales@echips-online.com
Win at Quality               Win at Profession                Win at Speed 
                                          We are here, just for you !


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Company info

Company Name: E-Chips Solution Co.,LTD
City: shenzhen
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: Rm3008 , Block A , Jiahe Huaqiang Building , Shennan Road , Futian , Shenzhen