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Pan Cake Slip Ring With Few Contacts 8 Circuits Small Current 2a Per Wire Slow Speed For Tripod Turnstiles

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Pan Cake Slip Ring With Few Contacts 8 Circuits Small Current 2a Per Wire Slow Speed For Tripod Turnstiles

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Pan Cake Slip Ring With Few Contacts 8 Circuits Small Current 2a Per Wire Slow Speed For Tripod Turnstiles


A combination of compact design, reasonable price and proven high reliability makes compact tripod turnstiles a bestseller in the access control market. Box tripod turnstiles are a perfect solution to secure entrances with high pedestrian flow. Installed in one line, box tripod turnstiles make up the passageway area without any extra guide barriers installation. Tripod turnstile is designed for outdoor use without shelter, featuring automatic anti-panic function, places for concealed mounting of proximity card readers and LED indication. The turnstile is made of stainless steel in a modern style, providing a secure, elegant and modern-looking solution for outdoor and indoor applications.


JINPAT pancake slip ring provide power and signal transmission for the tripod turnstiles. The design of this slip ring is rational and graceful with high-precision processing technology which makes turning and makes operation smooth. It incorporates next-generation technology has the characteristic of fast speed, high efficiency and high precision. Advanced fiber brush technology which offers several advantages over conventional slip ring contacts including multiple points of contact per brush bundle, low contact force per fiber and low contact wear rates.


LPK038-0810 Slip Ring with Through Bore 38.1mm



1.18.00mm length

2. Compact 157mm outside diameter

3. Modular design - a single module can have: one 50 amps ring; two 30 amps rings; one, two or three 10 amps rings or six 5 amps signals

4. Up to 20-50 amps circuits

5. Steel bearings and machined shaft and housing for harsh environment

6. Collar mounting is standard; flange mounting is optional

7.Various lead exits are available

8. Silver plated rings are standard. Gold plated optional.

9. Continuous 360°rotation of power or data signals

10. Sealed unit

Circuits8 circuits
Operating Speed0-30rpm
Working Temperature-20℃~ +60℃
Working Humidity60%RH or higher
Voltage Rating380VAC/DC or higher
Current Rating10A per circuit
Dielectric Strength≥1000V@50Hz between each circuit
Insulation Resistance1000MΩ@ 500VDC
Electrical Noise1mΩ Min
Contact MaterialPrecious metal
Lead Wire SizeTinning AWG17,
Lead Wire LengthStandard 300mm (11.811inch)
Housing MaterialAluminum alloy
Torque≤0.12 g·m (for reference )
ProtectionIP54 or higher






1. Transfers control and data signals

2. Fiber brush technology provides maintenance-free operation (no lubrication required)

3. Modular design meets special requirements through off-the-shelf manufacturing techniques

4. Customized configurations for your application


Other pancake slip ring:


LPK-060-0803-04S:8 circuits 3A per circuit and 4 circuits signals ,60mm internal diameter;

LPK030-0204:2circuits 4A per circuit ,30mm internal diameter;

LPK037-0205: 2circuits 5A per circuit ,37mm internal diameter;

LPKS005-0502: Pancake separate slip ring 5circuits 2A per circuit ,5mm internal diameter with PCB design

LPKS020-170-0605-1401: Pancake separate slip ring 6circuits 5A per circuit and 14 circuits signals 1A per circuit ,20mm internal diameter 170mm outside diameter;;


ModelNumber of
Internal Diameter(mm)Currents(A)Operating Speed
Max (rpm)




The operating life of the unit depends upon temperature, rotation speed and environment.

Contact us on wire color codes

We can not display more information on the website for sake of keeping trade secrets. Please send your request for more solutions to us via email



If you want to know more details about JINPAT Slip Rings, please contact us with your special needs!


Applications:( slip ring for tripod turnstiles)


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