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3 Circuits Separate Slip Ring Compact Design And Easy To Installation For Minute And Precise Instruments

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Address: JINPAT Hi-tech park,No.2,Huaxing,RD,Dalang street,Longhua, Shenzhen 518109, Guangdong, China

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JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd

3 Circuits Separate Slip Ring Compact Design And Easy To Installation For Minute And Precise Instruments

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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3 Circuits Separate Slip Ring Gold To Gold For Minute And Precise Instruments




Sometimes a self-contained capsule slip rings are not practical due to system size constraints or cost limitation. We can provide the slip ring ( rotor) and brush block ( stator) as separate components to be mated by the customer in the system. It can be used for routing hydraulic lines and pneumatic lines, it’ s especially fit for miniature and precise instruments, at the same time customization is available for your special need.



Transfers power and/or signal data reliably
Extremely low electrical noise
Durable, compact and low cost
No maintenance
Convenient to assembly
Operating smoothly
Precious metal contact ensures over-long lifetime

Suitable for small space


Typical application

Industrial mechanic controlling center, indexing tables
Magnet driver, processing control equipment
Robotics, rotary sensors, urgent illumination equipment
Producing and controlling equipment
Exhibit/display equipment
CCTV and wind turbine
Aviation, military, marine and medical equipment


Operating Speed0-100 rpm
Number of Circuits3
Voltage240 VAC/DC
Current Rating1-3A
Temperature Range-20℃ to +60℃
Working Humidity60%RH or higher
Contact MaterialGold to Gold
Lead Size32 # silver plated copper
Lead LengthStandard 250 mm (9.843inch)
Dielectric Strength≥500 VAC @50Hz, between each circuit
Body MaterialPrecious metal
Insulation Resistance1000 MΩ @ 500 VDC
Electrical Noise1 mΩMin



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Company introduction

JINPAT has 20 years experience in SLIP RING manufacturing, Our factory covers an area of 7000 square
meters, with professional R&D team, advanced production equipment, and skillful 300 employees. JINPAT slip ring is one of the best-known brands in Europe and North America.

JINPAT is rich technologically advanced equipment with high precision test instruments. It covers a wide area of 7000 square meters located in Shenzhen China. We have more than 300 skilled employees. Our manpower is so competent that we meet the demands having varied specifications with ensured durable and reliable quality.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is Jinpat?
We are leading manufacturer specialized in many types and applications of Sliprings.

2. What is our ability and production capacity?
Our factory area is more than 50,000 square feet, which includes advanced production line, R&D center, and Testing Laboratory.
We offer the standard model and customised solutions for various application. The factory is equipped with advanced testing facilities.

3. What are Jinpat advantages?
We offer flexible solutions for different customers; prompt delivery.

4. Why choose Jinpat product?
We are ISO9001 certified company with the strict quality control system.
- Most of our test equipment is best advanced.
- Long life product span.
- We offer competitive price with reliability.

5. What signals could be transferred? Is Multi-signal capable?
It is very wide, such as USB, RS232, RS485, thermocouple, Ethernet, Servo, H1M1, video etc.



1. The operating life of the unit depends upon temperature, rotation speed, and environment. Contact us on wire color codes
We can not display more information on the website for sake of keeping trade secrets. Please send your request for more solutions to us via email.
2. If you want to know more details about JINPAT slip rings, please contact us with your special needs!
















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