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Hydropower Station Lift the Gate Hoist Winch for Intake Gate

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Hydropower Station Lift the Gate Hoist Winch for Intake Gate

Country/Region china
City & Province chongqing chongqing
Categories Refrigeration & Heat Exchange

Product Details

Hydropower Station Lift the Gate Hoist Winch for Intake Gate



Radial gate wire rope telpher sluice gate hoist winch is widely used in irrigation, hydropower station, the river, irrigation system, reservoirs and other water conservancy project. It consist of the shell, cover, nut, pressure bearings, mechanical lock, and screw shank. It is flexible for open and close the sluice gate, so it is the ideal equipment of water conservancy project.

Product Features :
1.Widly used in hydropower station, river and water conservancy facilities.
2.Especially for FLAT/SLUICE GATE hoisting and lowering.
3.Single or double lifting points on optional.
4.Hoisting slings is wire rope, pulley block falling from drums;
5.Electric motorized, Centralized drive or individual drive.
6.Manual drive assemblied when electric fail.
7.Overload limiter, height indicator are all included. etc.


Technical Parameter:

ItemsModelCapacityHoist HeightHoist SpeedPulley RatioPoints DistanceMotorWeight
KNmm/minmModelPower KWkg




Individual drive



QPQ-50504~71.472 Y112M-62.2910
QPQ-80805~102.202 Y-132M1-64.01270
QPQ-1001005~102.202 Y-132M1-64.01280
QPQ-1251255~112.572 Y-132M2-65.51850
QPQ-1601605~115.572 Y-132M2-65.51890
QPQ-2502506~122.442 Y-160M-67.52710
QPQ-4004005~91.954 Y-132L-6114350
QPQ-63063010~131.106 Y-200L-8156470
QPQ-80080010~131.476 Y-225M-8228150
QPQ-100010008~111.258 Y-225M-82610790
QPQ-125012508~151.198 Y-250M-83512630
Double Lifting pointsIndividual driveQPQ-2x502x504~71.4722~7Y-132M-64.01715
QPQ-2x 802x 805~102.2022~7Y-132M-65.52105
QPQ-2x 1002x 1005~102.2022~7Y-160M-67.52230
QPQ-2x 1252x 1255~112.5722.1~8Y-160M-6113503
QPQ-2x 1602x 1605~115.5722.1~8Y-160M-6113585
QPQ-2x 2502x 2506~122.4422.5~9Y-180M-6155050
QPQ-2x 4002x 4005~91.9543.1~10Y-225M-6228125
Individual driveQPQ-2x 6302x 63010~131.1064.1~11Y-200L-82x1512800
QPQ-2x 8002x 80010~131.4764.5~11Y-225M-62x2215651
QPQ-2x 10002x 10008~111.2584.5~12Y-225M-82x2621030
QPQ-2x 12502x 12508~151.1984.5~13Y-250M-82x3523610

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