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Single Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist European design With Low - Voltage Protection

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Single Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist European design With Low - Voltage Protection

Country/Region china
City & Province chongqing chongqing
Categories Engines

Product Details

European design Double Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist With Low - Voltage Protection



Detailed Product Description


SH - Type Double Girder Hoist

It is a newly developed electric hoist on the basis of introducing the advanced German manufacture technologies. The compact design hoist has high strength frame and drum where the planetary gearbox is inside. The hoist has double girder trolley with smooth travelling and smooth stopping. With light self-weight and light wheel pressure, this hoist can completely compare to the same kind of hoists from foreign product. The hoist has overload protection, overheating protection and phase relay protection. Its modular design can realize the seamless connection with frequency inverter, automatic weighing system and automatic detection system.



Competitive Advantages


- Single speed, double speed or variable speed if client request.
- Smooth starting and stopping.
- Low noise, safe and reliable traveling.
- Convenient maintenance.
- Overload protection device.

- Corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance




CapacityLifting HeightLifting SpeedLifting PowerTravelling SpeedTravelling PowerWorking GroupTravelingHCI-beamWeight
(kg)m(m/min)KWm/min(kw)FEM/ISOWorking Group(mm)(mm)B(mm)kg
200065/0.83.2/0.455/200.373M M62M M5180850100-250309
95/0.83.2/0.455/200.373M M62M M5180850100-250330
125/0.83.2/0.455/200.373M M62M M5180850100-250351
155/0.83.2/0.455/200.373M M62M M5180850100-250372
185/0.83.2/0.455/200.373M M62M M5180850100-250393
320065/0.83.2/0.455/200.372M M52M M5180850100-250309
95/0.83.2/0.455/200.372M M52M M5180850100-250330
125/0.83.2/0.455/200.372M M52M M5180850100-250351
155/0.83.2/0.455/200.372M M52M M5180850100-250372
185/0.83.2/0.455/200.372M M52M M5180850100-250393
500065/0.86.1/15/200.552M M52M M5190890150-300380
95/0.86.1/15/200.552M M52M M5190890150-300423
125/0.86.1/15/200.552M M52M M5190890150-300466
155/0.86.1/15/200.552M M52M M5190890150-300510
185/0.86.1/15/200.552M M52M M5190890150-300552
630065/0.86.1/15/200.551Am M42M M5190890150-300380
95/0.86.1/15/200.551Am M42M M5190890150-300420
125/0.86.1/15/200.551Am M42M M5190890200-350465
155/0.86.1/15/200.551Am M42M M5260596200-350510
185/0.86.1/15/200.551Am M42M M5260596200-350552
800065/0.89.5/1.55/200.753M M62M M52001150150-300794
95/0.89.5/1.55/200.753M M62M M52001150150-300826
125/0.89.5/1.55/200.753M M62M M52001150150-300870
155/0.89.5/1.55/200.753M M62M M52001150150-300914
185/0.89.5/1.55/200.753M M62M M52001150150-300958
1000065/0.89.5/1.55/200.752M M52M M52001150150-300794
95/0.89.5/1.55/200.752M M52M M52001150150-300826
125/0.89.5/1.55/200.752M M52M M52001150150-300870
155/0.89.5/1.55/200.752M M52M M52001150150-300914
185/0.89.5/1.55/200.752M M52M M52001150150-300958
1250064/0.612.5/25/200.751Am M42M M52001150150-300794
94/0.612.5/25/200.751Am M42M M52001150150-300826
124/0.612.5/25/200.751Am M42M M52001150150-300870
154/0.612.5/25/200.751Am M42M M52001150150-300914
184/0.612.5/25/200.751Am M42M M52001150150-300958
1600064/0.616/2.65/200.75x22M M52M M52501150250-3501120
94/0.616/2.65/200.75x22M M52M M52501150250-3501180
124/0.616/2.65/200.75x22M M52M M52501150250-3501240
154/0.616/2.65/200.75x22M M52M M52501150250-3501300
184/0.616/2.65/200.75x22M M52M M52501150250-3501450
2000064/0.616/2.65/200.75x21Am M42M M52501150250-3501120
94/0.616/2.65/200.75x21Am M42M M52501150250-3501180
124/0.616/2.65/200.75x21Am M42M M52501150250-3501240
154/0.616/2.65/200.75x21Am M42M M52501150250-3501300

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