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Programmable Thermal Shock Test Chamber Stainless Steel LCD Touch Screen AC 380V

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Programmable Thermal Shock Test Chamber Stainless Steel LCD Touch Screen AC 380V

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Product Details

Programmable Thermal Shock Test Chamber with LCD Touch Screen AC 380V


1. Standard of Thermal Shock Test Chamber:

MIL STD, JIS,JEDEC,IEC60068-2-3, GB/T2423.1-2008 test A, GB/T2423.2-2008 test B, GB- T10592-2008, GJB150.3-198, GJB360A-96 Method 107


2. Introduction of Thermal Shock Test Chamber:

The thermal shock test chamber is divided into two-chamber type and three-chamber type. The difference is that the test method and internal structure are different. The thermal shock test chamber is an indispensable test equipment for the metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and other materials industries. It is used to test the degree to which a material structure or composite material can withstand in a transient environment of extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature. It is possible to detect chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time.


3. Parameters of Thermal Shock Test Chamber:

High temperature range+80℃~ +200℃
Low temperature range-10℃~ -60℃
Temperature cyclic range-40℃~ +150℃
Rising time at hot spaceRT~150℃ <40mins
Rising time at cold spaceRT~-40℃ < 50mins
Recover time at test space (-40℃~+150℃)3~5 mins
Weight of EUT5kg above
Constructionhigh temperature chamber, low temperature chamber, test chamber

4. Size option of Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Interior SizeW*D*H(mm)
5. Features of Thermal Shock Test Chamber

●Thermal insulation material:High-density glass wool and high strength PU foamed insulation

● High-low temperature automatic switching equipment

● Power supply: 3 phase 5 wires (AC380V, 50HZ)

● Workin conditions requred: 0℃~35℃, ≤85%R.H

● Equipment consists by: high temperature chamber, low temperature chamber, test chamber, control system, cooling system, heating system, air duct system, drainage system

● Control system: TEMI880N+LCD touch screen


6. Working Pricinple:

A. Low temperature storage room: The temperature state inside the tank is determined by the working state of the heater, evaporator and fan in the air duct. After the refrigerant flowing out through the expansion valve enters the evaporator in the working chamber, the heat in the working chamber is absorbed and vaporized, so that the temperature of the working chamber is lowered; the working fluid after gasification is sucked by the compressor and compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas into the condenser. The medium is condensed into a liquid, and after being screened, finally throttled by the expansion valve, and then re-entered into the evaporator of the working chamber to absorb heat and vaporize and then be sucked and compressed by the compressor. So reciprocating loop work, the studio temperature is lowered to the set temperature requirements.


B. High-temperature storage room: The central controller detects the instantaneous signal from the temperature-sensing component, compares it with the set temperature signal, and obtains the comparison signal. The output of the instrument PID logic circuit controls the turn-on or turn-off time of the solid-state relay to adjust the heater output power. In order to achieve the purpose of automatic temperature control.


C. Impact temperature test chamber: The high and low temperature air valve is automatically controlled by the meter, and is switched between the low temperature or high temperature storage chamber, and a closed circuit air circulation system is formed respectively with the high temperature box or the low temperature box to quickly reach the target temperature of the test.


The temperature state in the test chamber is determined by the operating conditions of the heater, evaporator, and fan in the duct. The working chamber of the test box adopts the forced axial flow “scattering” type loop wind operation, which can greatly improve the parameters such as fluctuation and uniformity of equipment operation.


7. Pictures of Thermal Shock Test Chamber:


8. FAQ:
1. What is the warranty period of the thermal shock test chamber?
Answer: the thermal shock test chamber warranty is 12 months upon you receipt of the equipment
2. Does the thermal shock test chamber has English operation interface?
Answer: of course, yes, the operation interface has English instruction.
3. Your power plug can not be used in our country, can you change it for us?
Answer: yes, we will change the power plug to fit your demends, please subbmit this issue when you make order.
1. PEGO is professional on electrical lab testing equipment, our goal is to provide our customers with better price, better quality and better service.
2. Customized Service: We can help our customers to design and develop new equipment according to their requirement. We are flexible and capable Supplier.
3.Excellent Quality: 12 months warranty, 100% guarantee test before delivery. And all our products can pass the third-lab calibration which is authorized by ISO17025.
4. After Sales Service and Technical Assistance: 24 hours technical support by email. Our professional team is always here willing to be your technical consultant.
5. Quick Delivery: Our company provides just-in-time delivery, and our freight forwarder can provide transportation services at the most reasonable price to solve your worries.
6. Prompt Response to Customers: we promise to reply our customers within 24 hours

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