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Luminaire Integrating Sphere Spectrophotometer 380nm-780nm Visible Light 220V/50Hz

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Luminaire Integrating Sphere Spectrophotometer 380nm-780nm Visible Light 220V/50Hz

Country/Region china
City & Province yichun jiangxi
Categories Belt Accessories

Product Details

380nm to 780nm Visible Light Spectrophotometer Integrating Sphere Test System for Luminaire


1. Test parameters

chromaticity coordinates (x,y, u,v), correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI, Ra), SDCM, peak wavelength, spectrum distribution, pupil lumen, radiation flux, color shift, color ratio, color purity, luminous flux, luminous efficiency, power, voltage, current, power factor, frequency and etc.


2. Application

LED luminiare includes: LED chips (3014, 3528, 5050, 1W power LED and etc.), LED tube, LED bulb, downlight, spot light, ceiling light and etc. 


3. Reference Standard

CIE 13.3:1995 Method of Measuring and Specifying Color Rendering of Light Sources

CIE 15-2004 Colorimetry

CIE 84:1989 Measurement of luminous flux

CIE 127-2007 Measurement of LED

CIE 177-2007 Colour Rendering of White LED Light Sources

IESNA LM-79 Electrical and Photometric Mesaurements of Solid-State Liguting Products


3. Configuration

Product namedecriptionQuantity

Fast-Scan Spectroradiometer

380nm to 780nm, to test the photometric and colorimetric parameters1 set

AC Digital Power Meter

range: 500V/20A, to test electric parameters1 set

CC&CV DC Power Supply

30V/ 5A, 150W max, output current: 0~5A, output voltage: 0~30V

1 set

AC power supply

Output power: 500W, output frequency: 45.00~70Hz, ouput voltage: 0~300V1 set
Integrating spherediameter: 1.5m and 0.3m2 sets

Bifurcate Optical Fiber

length: 1.5m, for optical signal transmission1 set
Standard Lamps24V/50W, 12V/6W for calibration2 pieces
Cabinet19 inch, with heat sink1 set
Softwareenglish software run under win 7 system1 piece


4. Parameters

Test speed5ms~2s
Wavelength range380nm~780nm (visible range)
Accuracy of wavelength±0.2nm
Chromaticity coordinates±0.0005 (under illuminant A)
Stray light2.00E-03
Luminous flux range0.1lm~500000lm
Color temperature1000k~100000k
Resolution of color temperature1K
Accuracy of color temperature±0.5%
Color rending index0-100
Accuracy of CRI±(0.5%rd+0.5)
Accuracy of SDCM±0.5


5. Picture




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3.Excellent Quality: 12 months warranty, 100% guarantee test before delivery. And all our products can pass the third-lab calibration which is authorized by ISO17025.
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