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10mm Fish Tape Fiber Glass Wire Cable Running Rod Duct Fish Tape150m

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10mm Fish Tape Fiber Glass Wire Cable Running Rod Duct Fish Tape150m

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Product Details

10mm Fish Tape Fiber Glass Wire Cable Running Rod Duct Fish Tape150m


Fiberglass Wire Cable is an excellent assistant tool for traction and guide line in pipeline. Smooth and flexible surface can make the perforated device easily through the narrow channel. It consists of glass fiber reinforced layer, high pressure and low density polyethylene protective layer (smooth, strong, can resist harsh environment).

Fiberglass Wire Cable is mainly used in the early part of the wall under the traction, and later developed into a sewer cable line and so on the line of traction. Glass fiber, non conductive, anti rust and anti-corrosion, excellent tensile strength. Using high quality steel, strong and durable, with good compression resistance and capacity, the appropriate structure of welding, under strong pressure to maintain its deformation. It has the advantages of time saving, labor saving, improved work efficiency, etc, and can be used for the cleaning and the optical cable, the cable and the plastic tube of the telecommunication pipeline.

Feature: Fish Tape Fiber Glass Wire Cable Running Rod Duct Fish Tape

Non-conductive, rust and corrosion resistant, superior pulling strength;
Sturdy and durable;
Good compression resistance capacity and proper structure;
No easy to break and ageing resistance;
Great tensile strength and strong bending property;
Equip with bracket and easy to carry;
It is simple and convenient to maintain;

Technical Data:Fish Tape Fiber Glass Wire Cable Running Rod Duct Fish Tape

SpecificationRod Diameter (mm)Φ4,Φ4.5,Φ5,Φ6,Φ8,Φ10,Φ11,Φ12,Φ13,Φ14,Φ15,Φ16
Rod Length (m)30~500
Frame Spec.(mm)1300x450x1330,1200x420x1220,980x350x1000,680x240x700, etc
Wheel Diameter(mm)300mm
Wall thickness of Metal Frame2.2mm
Colorblue, yellow, red, white etc
MaterialRod InnerExtruded by fiber glass and high strength resin at high temperature
Rod OuterHigh Density polyethylene coating
Iron FrameSteel with high-temperature sprayed plastic or Spray coating
Drawing headcopper
Physical CharactersDensity150g/m
Working temperature-40°C to +80°C
Breaking tension4.5T
Bending Radius295mm

Fiberglass Duct Rod Photo

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