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Fujian Electrical Machine Group

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Address: Qinxiyang industrial area, Fu'an, Fujian, China (Factory)

Phone: 00-86-18396532780

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Fujian Electrical Machine Group

About Us

Fujian Electrical Machine Group, located in the well-known electrical machine city-FUAN,CHINA and the highly standardized Qinxiyang industrial area, has been developed into a high-tech company specializing in the design and manufacturing of various special purpose electric motors.

Over the last two year, we have grown up into a top company in Fu'an city. Our brand has been highly recognized in many countries, such as Pakistan, Sudan and Iraq, etc. In the year 2007, the total sales amount reach up to eighty millon CNY and the oversea's markets (total 42 countries) contributes about six millon USD sales. 

For the fast and long-term development, our Directors has formulate a differentiation goal for company and brand development. That is Production and Service Differentiation, Market Differentiation, Management Differentiation. And aim to be a top professional manufacturer of special purpose electric motors and at the same integrate the export and import, production and trade to achive more excellent competitiveness.

Our main products:

1. EV/HEV Motors

2. High Efficiency Motors

3. Special Motors

4. General Motors

5. Generators

6. Generator Sets

7. Water Pumps

8. Engines

9. Accessories & Parts


Our motors are popular not only in China but also all over the world. Welcome to visit our company and build win-win cooperation.


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Company info

Company Name: Fujian Electrical Machine Group
City: Fuzhou
Province: Fujian
Address: Qinxiyang industrial area, Fu'an, Fujian, China (Factory)