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High Resolution Egg Inkjet Date Code Printer With No Need Clean Nozzle

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Address: Number 1885 Zhongxing Avenue,Xingtai Gaokai District, Hebei Province, China.

Contact name:Shilin Feng

Xingtai Kelipu Technology Development Limited Company

High Resolution Egg Inkjet Date Code Printer With No Need Clean Nozzle

Country/Region china
City & Province xingtai hebei
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Product Details

Good selling high resolution Egg Inkjet Printer Applicable To Entire Pallet With High quality For Egg Supplier


Egg inkjet printer advantage

  • Purchase costs are low by a third, using costs are low by two-thirds!
  • Simple operation - the whole Chinese editing interface; my company can provide remote control operations to guide customers to learn to use.
  • Maintenance-free printing machine and control chip imported original, maintenance-free design;
  • Low cost of consumption - only use ink does not consume diluent;
  • Low maintenance costs - maintenance-free design, the operator requirements are very low, just be skilled to use typing is ok;
  • Low maintenance costs - more than after-sales warranty of the equipment, and other ultra-thousands of maintenance costs thousands of maintenance costs, simply can be ignored;
  • Long life - the use of large-scale imported integrated circuits to ensure that the motherboard life of more than 15 years;
  • Never out of date - 5 years free software upgrades to ensure that equipment performance is always in a leading position.


  • The date is automatically updated
  • Printing fonts and size are diversified Customers can choose their own design
  • Length is not limited. how much you want how much you can do it
  • No need cleaning of the nozzle
  • High resolution
  • Six nozzles at the same time printing high efficiency
  • Shelf life of one year lifelong technical guidance
  • U disk loading easy to edit
  • Free upgrade




Application of solvent inkjet printing machine/egg printer 


  • variety of color: the color of the ink options, pink, red, green, purple
  • The disposable set can be replaced rapidly, containing 45 ml can spray print ink around 200000 eggs, according to a case of 360 eggs, cost is about 5 cents.A set of six cartridges, can spray print 1.2 million eggs.
  • ink usage: ink cartridge maintenance free, free maintenance, directly with the replacement.
  • The software use the most simple drag type operation, simple operation, edit spray printing data by U disk load quickly spurt
  • Shower nozzle can follow the egg sharp ups and downs, even eggs in the case of high-speed mobile can rapid spray print
  • Unique spray hole alignment function, make the writing more clearly
  • Personalized configuration 1-6 nozzle module or integration frame, it is more convenient to move.


Kelipu full set of eggs egg inkjet printer unique features:


  1. price advantage, lower prices, better products, the most consistent with the appetite of our customers, our egg printer meet this, after listing,there are many customers consulting it
  2. Second: operational advantages: automatic egg inkjet printer, only need to put the whole plate eggs on it , a person can complete at least tens of thousands of eggs a day code
  3. Three: maintenance advantages: our inkjet printer has six nozzlea, there are six ink Roads, so that the failure rate is reduced to the lowest, even if the problem appear can be resolved in time, will not delay the workload of the day


Can printing:


  • Large characters, small characters and micro characters common models;
  • Dot matrix and entity type common models;
  • Can print all the words and fonts;
  • Can be printed trademarks and a variety of patterns;
  • Can print a variety of bar code;
  • External database, database printing
  • Manufacturing, effective date, time and real time, shift code printing;


Detail of our kp-19 product:



Product nameThe whole disk inkjet printer
External interfaceUSB 2.0
Type of nozzlethermal foam type
Specifications of ink45ML
Printing word high2mm-9mm
Printing lines1-4 lines
Printing resolution600dpi
The required power supply12v4a
Printing speedan average of 120000 characters per hour
Printing distance0mm-5mm
Printing lengthunlimited
Printed variablesdate,time, batch number,frequency, serial number and so on
Information StorageUSB(In the USB can be unlimited download storage, the machine itself holds 30 messages);
Printed contentChinese and English fonts, digital, the bar code,logo and so on;
Printed fontABC standardfont
The color of the ink:a variety of colors to choose from——pink,red,green, purple
The use of ink cartridgesink is cartridge-free maintenance, maintenance-free,if run out, please direct replacement!( Contains ink cartridges 45ml, can print about 200,000 eggs, according to a box of 360 eggs in terms, the approximate cost is 0.5rmb. One set is six ink, can print 1.2 million eggs.);
Be applicableEgg products
Warrantyone year.










Equipped with computer control dedicated shuttle conveyor, fast, efficient and accurate! Can choose food and ordinary ink, you can choose to print black, red, blue and other colors.


High-speed full-disk printing method, regardless of the arrangement of eggs can be automatically identified and directly marked on the egg factory date and security logo, green food logo, safety, environmental protection, health. Consumers can buy directly to find brand-name eggs. Improve their own image of the product, so that each egg has its own "identity card"!





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