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High - Light Epoxy ED Black Coating For Exterior Decorative Products

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High - Light Epoxy ED Black Coating For Exterior Decorative Products

Country/Region china
City & Province shanghai shanghai
Categories Furniture Casters

Product Details

Black high-light epoxy electrophoretic paint for Exterior decorative products


Product Introduction :


HL-1607LB/HL-1500G Black Cationic Epoxy Electrocoat for auto is a new generation electrophoretic coating researched and developed by HLS Paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


It represents modern technology of cathodic electrophoretic coatingthat isenvironment-friendly withhigh propertyandlow cost. Such coatingdoesnot contain heavy metal like lead, tin, cadmium and mercury etc. It is a two-component, water-dispersed resin,meanwhile, it took in features of previous products, andcan adapt galvanized steel sheet perfectly,almost canbe applied to foundation coating of all metal 



This product features shown below : 


Good stability of bath can adaptable for a longer updating cycle


Strong anti-corrosion properties,good salt spray resistance work piece edge


Excellent leveling coating,good bonding for ceand compatibility with plastic powder


Main ingredients:


Curing agent::totally enclosed multi-isocyanates
Solvent:alcohol ether
Additives:surface activeagent, prevent shrinkage cavity agent



Bath on site management project:


Good bath data and coating quality, from the strict parameters management and maintenance of equipment, production line according to its own reality time situation, can have different management project and specifications, recommend the construction parameters see the table below for reference:


ClassificationProjectControl DataTesting frequency
New bathAnolyte
Electrophoresis tankRatio1:4-- 
Ripening time24-48-- 
Solid ( 120 ℃ /1h ,% )14±4--once a day
PH5.7-6.22.0-3.5once a day
Conductivity ( μs/cm )1200±4001500±700once a day
P/B0.08-0.15once a week
Solvent content (%)0.8-1.5once a week
Liquid level Fall head (cm )10-15once a day
ED voltage( V )0-300once a day
Break voltage ( V )≥350once a week
Bath temperature ( ℃ )30±2once a day
ED time( S )60~180once a day
UF - 1 TankSolid content (%)≤2.0once a day
UF - 2 TankSolid content (%)≤0.8once a day
Baking furnaceProvisions furnace temperature( ℃ )180-190once a day
Curing conditionsDrying temperature
(175-185) ×( ℃ 15-20)min (With content holding time)
once a day



Construction equipment:


Cathodic electrophoretic coating construction in the electrophoresis tank, so need to have the following equipment: 

Electrophoresis tank 

Circulation devices (including filter, fill the paint device) 

DI water equipment 

DC power supply and the power supply unit 

Anode box (tube) and circulation device 

Ultrafiltration device 

Cleaning devices 

Heat exchanging equipment 

Curing device


Storage, packaging and transportation:


This product is a water-borne industrial coatings, non-hazardous, non-inflammable and explosive products; transportation to prevent direct sunlight, avoid freezing (>5℃ ); Packaging for 50/60/200L Plastic barrel; in the transport and storage of drums should be maintained clean, avoid charging the dirt brought in on drums during filling tank, again checked and confirmed that the quality of products, including paste resin, emulsions and additives should be indoor storage, good ventilation, dry, protect against freezing and over heating, the storage temperature should be controlled at 5~35℃, products from the date of production, over shelf, experimentation is required to determine whether can continue to use.


Customer production site​:


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