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Yag fiber optic laser welding machine

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Yag fiber optic laser welding machine

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Yag fiber optic laser welding machine,automatic YAG titanium laser welding machine, titanium

laser welding machine was originally designed for mould industry for repairing precision moulds, such as mould of digital products, mobile phone, toy, automobile and motorcycle. By applying suitable soldering wires, it is possible to fill the crack or blowholes and reuse the mould which saves production cost and improves working efficiency significantly. General laser mould welder also can be used in metal sheet stitching welding, pipe/ tube conjunction welding, and manufacturing of sensor, level switch and fine auto parts, etc.

Automatic welding machine have 2D,3D,4D,rotating version 4 kinds of processing method,Bende automatic laser welding machine 

with high precision, high speed and stable performance, easy to operate. No consumables. The welding seam is deep and narrow, Fast welding speed, no black no deformation after welding,Customized is welcome! also we can design solutions and supply the most suitable your welding machine for customer according to them product.

It is high efficiency machine for production! 


BenDe Machine Factory Promise:


1:All machine 1Year guarantee!


2:After get the machine accept 7 days return the goods!



1. Ceramic converging cavity made in UK: corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant, with 8-10 years service life. The life of xenon lamp bears more than 8 million times flashing.
2. Most advanced light shielding system can eliminate the irritation to eyes by laser during working.
3. The laser head can rotate for 360°, lift up and down, move left and right, go forward and backward 
4. The parameters are controlled by intelligent remote controller, which is simple and convenient for the operator
5. The work bench can be lifted, and moved in three dimensions.
6. The size of light spot can be adjusted accordingly and automatically.



Laser working substance  Nd3+: YAG ceramic cavity 
Max. single-pulse energy70J/90J
Max. peak power6kW/12kW
Laser wavelength1064nm
Focal beam diameter0.2-3.0mm adjustable
Rated output power200W/400W
Min welding pool0.3mm
Pulsed width0.3-20ms adjustable
Pulse depth0. 5-1.5mm
Pulse frequency≤50Hz adjustable
Power cooling systeminternal air cooling
YAG cavity coolingexternal water chiller
Controlling systemPLC programming
Observing systemMicroscope/CCD



Materials that can be welded are extensive: titanium, aluminum, copper, zinc, gold, silver and other metal and alloy, steel and other alloy material between the welding of dissimilar metals welding,cold work alloy steel, hot work alloy steel, nickel tool steel, steel alloy, high tenacity aluminum alloy, etc. Other metals like gold, silver, brass,aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium, platinum are also applicable.


Payment TermWe accept PaypaI,TT,Credit card,Western Union,LC

Payment must be finished within 5days of the order.

              Delivery time is 5                     -7workdays.  

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